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21 Animal Selfies That Are Shutting It Down

Mar 11 2016 - 2:45pm

OK, OK — we get it. The selfie trend almost went away [1], but — bam! — it's back and better than ever. In 2014, the word itself made it into Webster's Dictionary [2], and animal selfies led a National Geographic ad campaign [3]. No offense to duck faces, but Nat Geo was on the right track with the whole animal selfie thing. It turns out that there's a whole world of #petselfiez waiting to be seen. Ahead, check out 21 of our favorites. Woof!

Source: Facebook [4], Instagram [5], and Imgur [6]

Get Humans in on the Action

Source: Imgur [7]

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Source: Instagram user beggin [8]

Woke Up Like This

Source: Imgurn user mudee [9]


Source: Reddit user GTeall via Imgur [10]


We should probably mention this is one of NatGeo's advertisement photos.

Source: Instagram user diomediabr [11]


Source: Imgur user soupadoodle [12]


Source: Instagram user malibumarlen [13]

No Words

Source: Imgur user treyman [14]

I See the Fire Trucks, but First . . . a Selfie

Source: Reddit user NSRT4 via Imgur [15]

Just Squirrelin' Around

Source: Imgur user theoriginalgiraffe [16]


Source: Imgur user hoistthatrag [17]


Source: Reddit user cdana75 via Imgur [18]

Sleeping Beauty

Source: Imgur user Knivz [19]

What a Babe

Source: Imgur user wowcoolbeans [20]


Source: Imgur user lindsdianne [21]

"Make a Silly Face"

Source: Facebook user Harlow and Sage [22]


Source: Instagram user caitlinfferguson [23]

Panda Pic

Another one of NatGeo's advertisement photos.

Source: Instagram user diomediabr [24]

Ready, Set . . .

Source: Instagram user austrinikole [25]

Lazy Dayz

Source: Reddit user Hue__Jass via Imgur [26]

It's All in the Eyes

Source: Instagram user jermzlee [27]

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