It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: somewhere Anna Faris and her fiance are sexting each other.

The actress admitted to the naughty tech act at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch party in LA last week. "Sexting" has been a media buzzword for the past couple years or so — mostly with people up in arms over teens sending each other the sexually charged text messages.

Faris's admission is refreshing (between this and her saying that she's fattening up for her wedding, she's pretty open). Not that I want to hear about her sex life, but it confirms to me what I've been thinking about sexting, which mainly involves sending sexy messages or photos of yourself with your phone: it's not just some debauched thing high school students do, but a modern dating trend employed by normal, healthy people. And hopefully not too soon.

So since I was impressed with the honesty of people admitting to using their cell phones on the toilet, I implore that honesty again: have you ever sexted?