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AnyClip Movie Scene Search

Website of the Day: AnyClip

There's nothing worse than a bad memory. For example, it's so frustrating when you remember the tune of a song, but can't remember the name. Thankfully, for those times you have apps like Shazam, which can tell you the name of a song just by humming a few bars. But what about when you remember a line from a movie, but can't recall the film title? Now, for those times there's AnyClip.

AnyClip has painstakingly searched the web for available movie clips and tagged them with actors, scene references, lines of dialogue, objects, and more, and makes them searchable from one big database (as opposed to searching YouTube for mashups and remixes). Find out more about it after the break.

Currently working directly with Universal Pictures, AnyClip is the first company to tag and catalog full-length feature films and make the clips (of over 5,000 titles) available for search. AnyClip is also tagging all the winning films from SXSW and could be partnering with some other big-time studios in the future. Embeddable clips are coming soon, but until then, AnyClip is a cool way to search for movie scenes when you need some reference, and could possibly help you win that big game of Scene It! you have planned with your pals.

K-ozz-N-Kollision15023390 K-ozz-N-Kollision15023390 3 years
Looking for a movie. I just remember the end of it. There is this guy in an airport and I'm not sure if it's the devil making him see things or he's crazy but there is allot of demons or zombies coming at him. Something like that and he's chopping them up but the He comes to reality and it was a bunch of people he just chopped up everywhere in this airport.. Then I think he looks out the doors of the aiRport and there's this guy leaving on a jet or plane.. Anyone seen this..
mistybites mistybites 4 years
Hey there guys, I was hoping you can help me... I'm looking for a 1980's sci fi movie I've seen when i was younger. It has a telepathic woman from a different planet. She and her people have to cover their ears cause their sensitive to the sound that a creature on their planet makes, or they will die. I remember a scene where she meets a guy. their going up to his apartment and he's behind her thinking dirty thoughts about her butt. And she heard every word. LOL.
Punkonfire Punkonfire 5 years
I am looking for a movie similar to Dazed and confused, and proly release around that time (1993). The only thing i remember is a younger teenager was being educated about girls and sex, by an older HIP guy who all the ladies like. They were at a girls home, where the HIP guy was having sex upstairs with a girl, and the younger guy was talking politely and mildly trying to hit on this girls friend. They were getting along well when the HIP guy comes down stairs and tells the younger guy that the girl he just had sex with agred to have sex with him too. The HIP guy tells the younger guy that he told the girl it was his birthday. The younger guy reluctantly goes upstairs to the awaiting girl, whom he finds asleep. After several moments of contemplation about what to do, he tucks the sleeping girl into the blankets and goes back down stairs to find the HIP guy having sex with the girl he was flirting with and really liked.
ghesebull ghesebull 5 years
i remember a scene when i was very young so its most likely a kids film. there was a young 12-18 year old boy inside a robot. he was talking to it and he said he was hungry so the robot got a pizza, it put the pizza through its mouth which mashed it up, it came out as mush in a bowl.
Brittany2591954 Brittany2591954 5 years
 @Troy2572082 Sounds like one of the "Hostel" movies. I'm not sure which one, but that seems familiar to me!
Brittany2591954 Brittany2591954 5 years
I'm looking for a movie!! I believe it had a western type setting &  there's a part where a guy cuts a ladies ear off. I know this is very minimal details, but this is all I remember & it has been bothering me forever! (80's-late 90's?)  I appreciate any help/comments/answers! Thank you!
Troy2572082 Troy2572082 5 years
i cant remember the name of a horror movie i recently saw,the scene that sticks out in my mind is the killer has a woman tied to a chair and hits her repeatedly in the head with a hammer.the special effects in this scene are outstanding as he begins with just slight hits and finishes some 3 or 4 minutes later with a smashed head.very gory,very realistic
Ironhorse25 Ironhorse25 5 years
Hi. I have a question about the name of a TV-movie from the mid-1970's about a delinquent male high  school football star that has a scene in it in which a nerdy, but cute female high school tutor gets so sexually memorized by his looks that she forgets all about tutoring him and instead drops all of her books and starts making out with him (kissing) right there at the table in either the library or study hall in school! This leads to him flunking all of his tests and getting kicked out of high school. Clean scene. Both are fully clothed. Both were adults playing high school students. Movie I believe ran originally on ABC. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the movie or any of the actors or actresses in it. I do remember the girl in the scene was a zit faced actress with long blonde hair probably in her late teens, early twenties at the time that had bit parts in other series at the time playing nerdy type roles. This was actually a drama about a high school kid gone bad. Any help would be appreciated.    Thanks,    Mike
ccryptt ccryptt 5 years
I'm looking for a specific movie: I't's a crime drama, all I now, is that, at the very end of movie the bad guy sneezes and unveils himself to the detective who is at his door....anyone know this film. j
dirkmomba dirkmomba 5 years
that movie where a robot or cyborg was falling down an elevator shaft in a parking garage and grabbed the other mans arm trying to pull himself up but instead ripped the guys arm off and fell to his death
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