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Nowadays it seems as though everything is getting the i makeover. Ever since Apple unveiled the iPod in October 2001, it has become one of the most popular portable media players on the market. And with its popularity came the popularity of all things "i."

Another product getting 'i' enhanced is the iGasm, a vibrator by Ann Summers that connects to any music device through a headphone jack that guessed it...vibrate to the beat.

Needless to say, Apple wasn't overly enthused about this new product which uses the company's recognizable 'i' in its name. But what really irked them was the fact that the iGasm's ads were practically identical to the signature Apple silhouette ads. According to the Product Reviews Net, Apple is now threatening to sue Ann Summers for using this image for her iGasm advertisements.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple is suing because of the silhouette ad similarity? Or do you think they want to steer clear from any 'erotic' product associations? Leave your comments below!

shoptoism shoptoism 7 years
we have iLofts here at Mystic Pointe in west Toronto. Good ideas get around. Is apple a self originating Idea? or a rip from the Tree of Life, the bearer of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of eden that is published in that old old book, Yeah the bible in teh book of Genesis. David Pylyp
rnaryjane rnaryjane 10 years
apple is overall the goody2shoe when it comes to their products. i mean isn't that why they created the ipod, good music, and profit for themselves & artists? so i can deifintely understand why they would be against the igasm. they wouldn't want something as sexual as a viberator to deface their good image.
mishelleanne mishelleanne 10 years
"i" is a vowel people, a letter. Ok, so the ads may have gone a bit far - should have been more original there...but the "i" - COME ON!!!!!!
madhatter madhatter 10 years
I'm pretty sure they aren't mad about the way the product integrates with the iPod - it's obviously the look of the ad (not even the 'i' because tons of stuff does that). However, I have to give props to Ann Summers - talk about a publicity stunt!
smarler smarler 10 years
I wonder if iGasm did this on purpose--they'll get more publicity by being sued for Apple than from the ad itself.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
I think what people are missing is that the look of the ad was created by an artist. That artist was paid for Apple to use his look and feel. So now the igasm has stolen that look and feel of their iTunes ad to sell their product without paying the artist. You can't do that. I think the fact that it's sex related or used the "i" is completely irrelevant on its own. It is possible the "i" combined with the ripped off look could give Apple more fuel for their fire as it really implies that its endorsed by Apple which is a huge no no by their copyright and trademark policies.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
When you see that picture you think Apple. But I don't think that will put a bad name to Apple and its IPods.
steen steen 10 years
I think they have to understand that something like that really won't hurt their image. No one will stop buying iPods because OMG IGASM! I think a lot of people, especially ones who might be in a store where that is sold, understand it's a parody. Plus, there are a ton of i[whatever] rip-offs, so they should be just as concerned about those.
SoCalSugar SoCalSugar 10 years
LOL! Apple has a right to be upset. I think this parody/marketing ploy is taking things a little too far.
PrincessK PrincessK 10 years
are they forgetting about the ohmibod? thats an ipod vibrator too..
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 10 years
I think that the ad is clearly not Apple. Plus - Apple was started by hippies - free love, etc. I don't think they're mad about an i being put in front of an erotic product (plus you can't copyright a letter of the alphabet). I have to agree with macgirl that Apple is mad about the look of the ad - although, you can't really copyright a look either... then you'd have a whole bunch of people saying, "Hey! I used an orange circle in my logo, so you can't in yours!" (, Petsmart, ING Direct). Since it's not an exact copy of their ad silhouette, I think they're safe and playing fairly, but I guess we'll see what the lawsuit says :)
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 10 years
I agree with 1stharbinger. I have heard of it under a different name.
1stharbinger 1stharbinger 10 years
Ya, it's definitely the ad campaign. They have good reason to sue. This "iGasm" is both a rip off of "ohmibod" and of the iPod.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
I think the biggest problem is the advertisement being ripped from their very copyrighted iTunes ads. They are VERY aggressive when it comes to people stealing that look. As far as I know I don't believe they have much a beef over the "i" thing as many people use that these days. There is another product that uses the iPod hooked up to a vibrator that is very similar I don't believe they have gone after them.
amandaaa amandaaa 10 years
totally understandable and isn't it a bit of a copyright infringement?
licia licia 10 years
I think they have good reason to be upset.. Their whole ad concept is ripped from ipod (not to mention the whole "i" thing) which makes it look like apple is endorsing this product. It probably wouldn't go over too well with parents - in their minds, if Apple started selling vibrators they might as well be selling porn thru itunes too.
jhuck jhuck 10 years
Everyone needs to stop putting "i" infront of things to make them trendy! The day I heard the advertisements for "ilofts" in Toronto was the day I decided to boycott "i" products.
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
they probably don't want to be associated with something erotic and can harm their image and i don't blame them. Especially with that name no one can mistake that it's something dirrty. But this product seems lame though.
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