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Apple's New Health App Is Like a Doctor in Your Pocket

Jun 2 2014 - 1:12pm

Apple wants the apps you use with wearable goods like the Jawbone Up or Nike+ FuelBand to live in harmony within its new app, Health [1], which will offer a single place to store all of a user's fitness and health data. Consider it your one-stop digital health center when the iOS 8 software debuts this Fall.

The Health dashboard will work with third-party apps like the MayoClinic and Nike+ to provide a user's current health overview through easy-to-understand graphs. An emergency card, accessible from a phone's lock screen, can also be created to list medical conditions, allergies, medications, and even emergency contacts.

HealthKit works in conjunction with Health and is how developers will build apps that work with the other fitness and internal-care apps that may be found in Health. In the example Apple provides, a food-diary app could tell your fitness-tracking app how many calories you've consumed that day, or a blood-pressure app could send the day's data directly to the doctor you have on file. Whether or not these apps share information with each other be customized in a user's privacy settings.

Apple's foray into the world of health care was rumored to be called Healthbook [2] in the months leading up to Monday's WWDC announcement. The reveal of the Health dashboard comes just one week after Samsung pledged its goal [3] to be a leader in digital health, after already offering a heart-rate monitor and S Health [4] in its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

Take a closer look at Health for iOS 8 below, and tell us which tech giant's healthcare offering you think will prove the most popular with tech addicts.

Source: Apple [5]

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