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Apple Imposes Lifetime Limit on iPads

Is There a Lifetime Limit on iPads?

According to a few scattered reports across the country, Apple is turning away would-be iPad buyers, saying they have reached their "lifetime limit" for the amount of iPads they're able to purchase. Huh? According to one blogger who had been purchasing iPads for friends overseas (but not exceeding the two iPads per purchase limit), an Apple Store employee refused to sell him any more iPads because he had reached a limit. Because the international launch of the iPad was delayed, he offered to buy iPads for friends and ship them overseas, which in itself is not illegal. Find out more about the iPad max situation (and how many he bought to reach the limit) after the jump.

In total, he purchased five iPads to send to friends; upon trying to purchase a sixth, his purchase was flagged. The store employee was unable to give him any further information about why he was unable to purchase more. I understand why there would be a cap on purchases while the devices are in high demand, but a "lifetime limit"? It seems a bit extreme. Do you think it would put the same restriction on iPods (I've bought at least six of those in my lifetime already, and expect I'll pick up a few more, eventually)? What do you think — is Apple overreacting, or does it have a valid point?

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Akasha Akasha 7 years
I'm thinking that they might be limiting the sale of the iPad in the same way that they don't allow you to purchase an iPhone unless you hook it up right there. Maybe it's to keep people from cloning the thing. I know that for a while there were a ton of iPhones on the black market in Asia, maybe they are trying to keep that from happening with the iPad before it's launched internationally. Apparently once the launch happens in a country the number of black market sales go down. What I find ridiculous is that they couldn't tell the guy why her couldn't purchase anymore. I would imagine if he had been purchasing them for work or as gifts for employees they would have let him purchase them.
CdnPhotog CdnPhotog 7 years
Completely ridiculous and so random! I was expecting to see numbers like 100 or more in a few days, not 5. What if I were an employer and wanted to purchase some for my workers? I know of a photography studio in Colorado who has done just that - purchased an iPad for his entire staff as well as himself. This would put him at 7 iPads purchased at once, all under his name. They have even blogged about it. There was also a lame story in my local paper about some goons who went together and purchased 4 iPads so they could be the 'first' in our city to have some. So what - if they had tried for 6, they would have been denied, since the order was in one chap's name only??? (side note: they went to the expense to get them shipped from the US and not only were they NOT the first ones in our city to own one - but they looked like jackarses by having their faces plastered all over the paper and the web.) Just so silly. If Apple thought this through and launched their new product internationally as well - there wouldn't be a need to cap limits (whenever the mood strikes).
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
Sammi_784 Sammi_784 7 years
i'm not sure whether it is entirely legal; is he an authorised reseller? was he selling them for a profit?
hannegee hannegee 7 years
if they just launched the product internationally, this wouldnt even be a problem... then all would have access, and the blackmarket would die out...
alc-song alc-song 7 years
It makes sense...they have to control their product somehow. If the six were bought weeks or months apart, it would be a ridiculous rule, but days apart? It's fair.
Row-D Row-D 7 years
Hmmm, but have you bought more than 6 of the same exact model? Companies may do this to prevent people taking advantage and reselling them on eBay etc....
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