If the name of Steve Job's latest presentation — Let's Rock — led you to believe that he would be unveiling new iPods, you would be right! But not only were we the first to see the new Nano design at the Yerba Buena Center For the Arts today in San Francisco, but we also got a sneak peek at some new yet-to-be-released games to hit the App Store, the details on the newest upgrades to iPod Touch, and the scoop on what the cool new features will be for iTunes 8.

The big news of the morning obviously was the new Nanos! This generation will be smaller, packed with more features, and more cost effective. Oh, did I mention the colors? The new Nano will make your plain old black and white versions green with envy. Not to mention purple, pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, and grey.

How much will the new Nano set you back? To get pricing, more product details, pics, and to find out what else is coming up in the world of Apple, just


Also being included in the newest iTunes release, the Genius Playlist creator will analyze the current track you are playing and toss together a cool playlist based on the features of that song, giving you a mix of similar songs to listen to without having to hunt and peck through your music. Other goodies include an accelerometer, a built-in voice recorder, and a "Shake to Shuffle" feature. Yes, you really can shake it!

Thankfully, Steve wants us to save a little dough while enjoying our tunes! The new Nano will come in two versions: 8GB for $149 and 16GB for $199. Plus, they are available this week for you to pick up. My wallet already feels a little lighter. What else did Steve announce today? Here's a rundown:

  • iPod Touch will be smaller, sleeker, and louder with an on-board speaker. Plus, the Nike + iPod transmitter will be built right into the Touch — no more lame transmitter sticking out the bottom! The iPod Touch will come in three models: 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, and $32GB for $399.
  • New games hitting the App Store include Spore Origins, Need for Speed: Undercover, and Real Soccer 09.
  • The iPod Classic will get a hefty storage bump, going from 80GB to 120GB with a $249 price tag.
  • iTunes will now offer HD TV shows, including those from NBC for $2.99
  • The update for your iPhone to 2.1 will fix bugs and dropped calls and will back up iTunes faster.