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Apple Must Pay $22 Million In Damages In Scratching iPod Nano Suit

Geek Out: How Badly Have You Damaged a Gadget?

Being someone who appreciates and accrues a lot of gadgets comes with some pitfalls (the main on being loss of money); not the least of which is the inevitability of the fact that one day, you will break your gadgets. We take many precautions, from buying protective cases to gingerly holding each precious piece of electronics like a baby.

Sometimes it's unavoidable, such as Apple's current ordeal of having to pay out over $22 million because of scratching iPod Nanos. It may be a little comforting knowing that ruining your cell phone or MP3 player was not your fault, but it still sucks.

Even worse? When it is your fault. I live in fear of throwing a Wiimote into my LCD screen, regardless of the precautions, or dropping my iPhone on the street and hurting it (which I did with my first-gen iPhone, and it was not pretty, and then there was the matter of soaking my old iPod in water . . .oops).

Tell me (and possibly make me feel better), what's the worst you have damaged one of your gadgets?


han00 han00 8 years
my sister's do more damage to my gadgets than i do! one sister took my gorgeous nifty canon camera and placed it upon some boxes on a high stool as a makeshift tripod and someone bumped it and it fell, lens first, on to the concrete garden patio. busted. my other sister took my new canon camera to replace to one above and was looking after it for me in her handbag but didn't put it back in its case. basically the water incident most people have just with chocolate and a hot concert resulting in the chocolate melting into all the nooks and crannies of the camera. its still kinda worked after my mum put the camera in the freezer and got rid of the chocolate. But not so well so I got the Olympus thats shockproof, waterproof, crushproof and most importantly sister-idiocy-proof! Also, i had an old phone in my front hoody pocket and went to the toilet and it slipped out as i stood from my business.
Matdredalia Matdredalia 8 years
I don't have as many gadgets as a lot of folks, and I've had very little money to accumulate them, so I am way behind. For example, I just got my laptop a few days ago. However, my first gadget that wasn't a $20 Wal-Mart special, was my little Palm z22, that I thought was just amazing. The problem: It lasted all of 4 days. I had barely had any sleep b/c my Grama had a heart attack, and I accidentally shoved the stylus in backwards. Which would have been fine if I'd just waited until morning to have help getting it out. Instead I tried to use a paperclip to loop it and pull. Well, Palm, in all their screwed up wisdom, never put a barrier between the stylus slot and the internal workings of the z22. So I scratched the mother board. You can imagine my elation. Then, there's my digital camera, which I got as a nearly birthday present in Spring of 2007 from my parents. So far, it's fine, but it has one little scratch where the metal was chipped on a rock when it FELL OFF MY TRIPOD! Entirely NOT my fault, but still devastating to see it damaged. Other than that, my other gadgets are all in great condition. Though I have stopped longing for another Palm and am just going straight to a smartphone. Debating between a Centro and an iPhone for when I finally get a cell, lol.
trimper trimper 8 years
I apparently break cell phones. I punched a table once (in anger), missing the table, hitting my cell phone, snapping the hinge. Another phone, I plain bent in half and broke it at the hinge. Dropped a cordless phone in a bucket of water... Maybe I shouldn't be allowed phones?
ilysespieces ilysespieces 8 years
i treat my electronics like my babies. i ruined a flip phone by dropping it maybe 4 years ago, that's about it.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Because I hate I Tunes and it used to hang up my laptop I once took a stiletto to the screen and broke it...I know I know bad idea.
caroline_1 caroline_1 8 years
cell phone's been dunked in the toilet, chewed on by the pup, in HS i ran one over with a car, my digicam's been crunched while skiing, exploded can of red bull on lappy keyboard (still works, some keys 'click' when pressed and it always smells like pixisticks) and i burst the bulb in my laptop screen by twisting the screen to show someone something..
smartiez smartiez 8 years
I sat on my ipod... oops :OOPS:
mudnessa mudnessa 8 years
i washed and dried my ipod the other day. it still kinda works. the details are on my blog, ive destroyed a few phones by throwing them in anger, i had a really bad few of years and didnt deal with it well. i had a monster of a phone that i dropped in all sorts of manners. most notably in a mud puddle also used as a toilet for some tortouses, didnt smell so great afterwards but worked.
BigBird BigBird 8 years
I've not been too bad-one phone dropped in the bath, which worked after drying-however, my dog has a thing about Sony!! My husband had his phone upgraded, and chose a Sony. Unfortunately my dog found it and used it as a chew toy!!! Then he found my Sony PSP, and did the same-we never did find the joystick!!! He's a Black Russian Terrier who is over 70 kg, so the gadgets were completely destroyed!!!
Miss-Kylie Miss-Kylie 8 years
I've broken more phones then I can count. But the most amazing incident which should have destroyed my little gadget but barely caused a scratch. I was leaving work and was juggling a soda, keys, phone, wallet and everything else I didn't want to put into my bag when I felt everything slipping. I figured I'd let the phone drop and get everything back in my hands when I got on the elevator. Except, the phone didn't drop into the elevator. It dropped through the tiny little space between the elevator and the lobby. I heard it bouncing all the way down - 7 stories down. I was certain it was dead. I called building management the next day to see if they were going to be doing maintenance on the elevator anytime soon so I could hopefully retrieve the SIM card. Luckily they were that day and I picked up my phone that evening. The thing still worked!!!!! The battery cover was lost and there was a small scratch on the front. I still used the phone for another 6 months until I upgraded.
Megatron Megatron 8 years
I ran over my last cell phone. It dropped out of my pocket while I was unlocking my door. I didn't realize this until AFTER the crunch. Turns out I was in the upgrading window but I had to tell everyone what happened to my old phone.
thelorax thelorax 8 years
While six of my in-laws were staying at my house for two weeks (too many people, too long!!) I was outside on the deck watching my little nieces playing in the wading pool. Someone came over to ask me something, and as I turned to speak to them, one little rugrat sneaked up behind me with a full pail of water and dumped it on my lap. Too bad I had my phone in my pocket. It drowned.
Carolina-J Carolina-J 8 years
Well I don't have a iphone and can't really see the need for such an expensive gadget. If I were to drop and break a toy like that I don't know if I'd ever get over it. I have dropped my phone in the pool, the toilet (don't ask) and off my horse which is why I keep a simple Tracfone that can be replaced easily without having to cry over spilt milk.
A-Journey-To-Wellth A-Journey-To-Wellth 8 years
Oh and back in college I had an LG flip phone which I was cradling in my neck while eating a bowl of soup and *plop*.
A-Journey-To-Wellth A-Journey-To-Wellth 8 years
Kiwigeek, I had the same thing happen to me!! I wasn't at the beach but a pop top water bottle freed itself of its clear cap, popped open and soaked my less than one year old Canon Powershot SD 600 and my iPod. I replaced that camera with a Nikon Coolpix and I also found a brand new SD600 in a cab a few days after that purchase, so I was the lucky b*tch with 2 cameras. Then... lost the Nikon a month later and broke the 2nd SD600 shortly thereafter. Went to Las Vegas and decided I couldnt be without a camera while I was there and bought a Canon Powershot SD750 which survived the week in Vegas and was immediately lost when I returned home to NYC. Bought one more SD 750 and I've had it ever since!!!! Albeit a few scratches and I lost the beautiful case I bought to protect it but I STILL have it. Phew. After using my Blackberry Curve for the past year and fwe months as my "iPod" I recevied a classic black iPod for Xmas 2008 from the parentals. Yaaaay!!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
The worst I've done is spilled coke in the keyboard of my laptop. Actually, that's pretty bad, but I managed to do damage control in time. I've dropped my cell phone on occasion too, but it's always been fine!
Katie-Kat398180 Katie-Kat398180 8 years
I had my U2 Limited Edition iPod in my backpack and it's screen got cracked...really badly. So I called my insurance who deemed it not covered because it wasn't on the limited list of things covered, but they said they'd look at it again. A few months later, after I'd forgotten about it, they called back and said they'd cover it afterall. I replaced it with my Zune. :)
margokhal margokhal 8 years
I had to buy a new MacBook (which i'd been wanting anyway, but not like this!) because my 12' PowerBook G4 fell off of my printer, busting the A/C adapter plug AND the power socket. Meaning, even if I bought a new A/C adapter, the laptop wouldn't charge. They quoted me $995 for fixing I just bought a new one. Uuugh. My main thing is loss of money, too.
kiwigeek kiwigeek 8 years
While at the beach I had a leaky water bottle together with a canon camera together in a bag. I think the camera wanted to check whether it was water proof before venturing into the ocean.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i dropped my iphone at the train station in dc last week and thought it was going to slide onto the tracks. i was going after it no matter what! thankfully it stopped sliding. my heart literally skipped a few beats at that moment!
mouldy mouldy 8 years
i've practically destroyed almost every gadget i've had. phones, i've kneeled on it and broke it, dropped it and it broke into pieces, you get the idea... cameras too, a day old camera somehow got wet and didn't work anymore. i dropped an expensive nikon lens and it broke, no insurance, nothing. sigh... don't get me started on laptops, computers, anything. but i'm getting better, my macbookpro is still ok after 3 years, but i did drop it recently. it now has a major dent on the side. my poor baby...
Shannikan Shannikan 8 years
my husband is a phone killer. he has gone thru 4 razors in 3 yrs. Two in 08 alone. Several years ago i had a phone that i dropped right into my horses water bucket. and last month i dropped my iphone in the toilet. NEVER AGAIN IN THE BACK POCKET!!!!!! I had it for a month i cried for 3 days.
bornthisway bornthisway 8 years
that picture made me cringe when I saw it i don't think i've ever done anything too bad my old phone was a razr, and i dropped the poor thing all the time but now i have an iphone and treat it like it's my baby i'm actually constantly lecturing my sister about taking better care of her iphone (i mean, she put it in her BACK POCKET! what's wrong with her?)
magicpenniez magicpenniez 8 years
The first cellphone I ever had... I was a freshman in high school and something baffled me so I slammed the phone against my forehead and totally destroyed the LCD screen.
ig586 ig586 8 years
Scissorz story reminded me of a long forgotten cell phone ordeal, I once split a flip-phone in half as well, and I saved it,sort of. At the time I was at school in another country and couldn't buy a replacement (no SIM Card). I found out that the bottom half, where all the computing was done was fine, so I bought a headset and fortunately the phone had voice dialing so I could still call people and check voicemail, but I couldn't view my contacts of hear incoming calls, b/c the speaker and screen were on the other half. I went like that for 3 mos. and I got by. And then when I got a new phone they were able to use it to import my contacts, which was pretty awesome.
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