In the midst of antenna problems and press conferences, Apple's Steve Jobs tried to hammer home one point: all phones can lose signal when held a certain way. After attacking Nokia, RIM, and HTC phones showing photos of reduced signal bars when they were held a certain way, Apple then targeted the new Droid X, posting video on its site of a reduction in signal strength after the phone was held a certain way.

Now, Apple has quietly removed all mention of competitors from its website; previous links to other phones' performance are replaced with a redirect to a page detailing Apple's antenna design and test labs. Is Steve Jobs & co. responding to criticism from the public over its attack on other companies? Or maybe he just feels he's already gotten his point across?

You had some strong opinions about his controversial comparisons; check out some of your opinions after the break.

  • "I, personally, have not been able to reproduce that on my Droid X (or my original Droid for that matter). I have tried everything I can to make my phone lose signal like that (and believe me, my house is almost a dead zone) but it just won't do it. I have held it the way they show it above and I have completely covered it with my hands, etc. This is why I think it's an exaggeration on their part. I don't know how they are doing that but I don't think it's showing reality at all." — Pam39
  • "Im not a fan of Apple products and have avoided them in favor of Sony for years. The fact that Apple is projecting the criticism they've received for a product which may have a few hang-ups (I know, we all thought Apple made flawless magical products) onto other manufacturers is downright childish. This just gives me a more solid reason to not buy their products." — morningcrafter
  • " Apple is taking jabs . . . by showing reality? Who are you going to believe, the internet hysteria or your lying eyes? All phones suffer from attenuation. It's just reality. Another reality is that Apple products are held to a double standard." — spacekatgirl

Do you agree with this decision? And what do you think the reason was behind the removal?