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Apple iPad 3 and iPhone Nano Rumors

Which Apple Rumor Is More Believable?

It's been a big week for Apple rumors. First, the press hyperanalyzed a statement from one notable industry insider, who brought up the possibility of the iPad 3 coming sometime this Fall. Then we heard that Apple may be developing another version of the iPhone that's smaller and less expensive than the current phone.

Even though the second version of the iPad has yet to be announced, much less released, a "hunch" has propelled it into the territory of speculation. Apparently, some feel that the iPad 2, which is already in production according to the Wall Street Journal, will be a relatively modest update to the existing iPad, adding cameras. The iPad 3, which will come soon after, would be a much larger upgrade — including the high-resolution screen.

Find out more about the iPhone rumor and vote for your choice after the break.

Perhaps more interesting is yesterday's rumor that Apple is developing a new, lower-end iPhone that would be both smaller and cheaper than the current model. It would use parts already in use in current versions of the iPhone, allowing for more advanced technology in upcoming versions. And AT&T is rumored to be considering selling the device for $200 without a contract. Some are even referring to it as the iPhone Nano.

So, which rumor do you think is more believable?

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areitz areitz 6 years
If Apple can sell an iPod Touch for $230, then a $200 (off contract) iPhone is at least plausible. And now that the iPhone is on Verizon, the next major market that Apple has to crack is the pre-paid market. I think that market is actually bigger than the traditional (post-paid) market. If Apple can produce a cheap, unsubsidized iPhone, then they will be able to dramatically increase iPhone penetration. As for an iPad 3 in the fall, there is some logic to doing a refresh then, but I'm still skeptical of a retina display iPad in 2011.
mistwolf mistwolf 6 years
Neither rumor is even remotely plausible, in my opinion, but a trimmed down iPhone is the more likely of the two and certainly would fill a niche Apple has no presence in. That said, I am desperately saving and selling possessions to get an iPad 2 when it comes out. Not that I ever will be able to, being a poor disabled transgirl in Australia, but I plan to try hard!
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