This week's Apple announcements yielded lots of new developments, and afterward, I was curious to find out what you thought about the exciting event. It seems iPods were all the rage with 55 percent of the vote — I'm not surprised, are you? Here's what else you had to say:

  • "I love that the iPod Nano has a clip. "He" has been wanting one for so long, one that just clips so he can go on his runs. Already ordered one for my hubby with an engraving. Can't wait for him to get it." — Honeylicious
  • "Really underwhelmed. It's getting worse and worse. " — thecolor
  • "New iPod Touch with cameras, YAY! The rest of the stuff, meh. Definitely NOT interested in iTunes becoming yet another social networking tool." — Elfyn

See the rest of the community's reactions, and add your own after the break.

  • "I voted for iTunes only because it is the only one of these things that I use. I have an iPod but when it finally kicks the bucket I probably won't replace it. My boyfriend has a Zune and he has way less problems with his MP3 player than I do with my stupid iPod. " — Purrsnickety
  • "I bought the BF an iPod Touch literally minutes before the introduction of the new version with FaceTime. Meh. He can decide if he wants to exchange and upgrade." — caroline

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