The time has come for the start of the video game "dry" season. . . a gaming drought, if you will. Although there are a few games being released this month that are worthy of your time and cash - like one of my April Must Haves: Mario Kart – truth be told, some are just filler until we get to the next batch of great games. Fortunately, we had a huge Winter, and my console is still humming to the likes of Rock Band, Mass Effect (will I ever get the time to finish!?), and of course Super Mario Galaxy. Scope out my picks for this month and tell me what you think in the comments below!

New Video Game Releases (April 2008)
Game Why You'll Love It Console/Price Release Date
Iron Man — You may already know how stoked I am for the movie, but I'm equally excited for the game as well. PSP, DS, PS2, PC, Wii, $40 to $60 Coming April 22
Summer Sports: Paradise Island - Virtual volleyball, darts, horseshoes, and mini golf, all in a virtual resort? Sounds virtually perfect to me! Kinda like Wii Sports, just with a lot more sand. Wii, $40 Out April 9
Mario KartNot only can you race your fave characters at home and online, but add in motorcycles and a Wii Wheel to the mix and you have an awesome racing party! Just be careful — those little kids that play online can be pretty good drivers. You better practice first! Wii, $50 Racing into stores April 27
Arcana Heart — A gaggle of eleven heroic females are fighting to save the Earth from evil at all costs. Talk about some geeky girl power! PS2, $30 Out April 8
Let's Pilates! - I know this one is kind of a "stretch" (ha ha), but it does fall nicely into place with the upcoming Wii Fit and the DS Weight loss coach. Just getting you ready for swimsuit season! Nintendo DS, $10 Get it April 29.