Each time a new technology is introduced, the old technology it's replacing runs the risk of going the way of the 8-track. When was the last time you watched a VHS tape? Even with the prevalence of digital music files, vinyl records are making a comeback in a big way. Retail outlets from music stores (does this mean we can call them "record stores" again?) to Urban Outfitters are selling new records put out by new bands containing new music. The reason? The unique sound qualities that vinyl records produce — plus, probably, a bit of nostalgia.

In a new twist on the theme, one of my favorite bands actually used vinyl records to create the sound of their album. Find out how when you read more.

Each of the 16 tracks on Arcade Fire's latest album, "The Suburbs," which hits stores in the US on August 3, was mastered to a 12-inch record and then transferred back to digital format, "so that the CD and digital version of the record sound just like the vinyl." Buzz has a preview of two songs from the album . . . do you notice a difference?