Pop rock singer Ashlee Simpson recently caught up with AOL's Switched to talk about all things tech. . . Including her love for her BlackBerry Curve and how she can't wait to get an iPod touch— If Mayer can get an Air, Simpson can surely get a Touch! Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • On what gadgets she takes with her during her down time (tapings, appearances, etc): "My iPod, knitting needles, and yarn."
  • The cell phone she has right now and what she loves or hates about it: "The BlackBerry Curve — I love the camera feature."
  • The longest time she had ever spent playing a video game in one sitting and what it was: "I played Tony Hawk for 75 hours."
  • On whether she's a Mac or a PC girl and why: "Mac — it's more user-friendly."