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Ask a Geek Girl: Hard Drive Woes

Since we've started the Ask a Geek Girl Group, we've gotten some pretty awesome questions, as well as some really insightful answers from you readers. Great job! Doesn't it feel great to help others? This question, posted by TeamSugar user amers230 about external hard drives is something we all may face at some point.

"A few weeks ago, I finally took my laptop into the Geeksquad to have them fix a few things. While I was there I mentioned it had been running really slowly for a while. I found out I had less than a gig of memory left on my hard drive. The guy told me to get an external hard drive and put all of my stuff on it. Do you have any recommendations on type/brand of an external hard drive? I'd like to upgrade my iPod, so I'm thinking I shouldn't get one with less than 120 gigs of memory, but I'm also a poor recent college graduate who can't afford to spend more than $100 (but spending less would be preferable if possible.) Any good tips on how to actually move my music to the hard drive?"

To see my response,


It's definitely a good move to get an external hard drive, whether you have one or 50 gigs of hard drive space left on your laptop. Traveling around with your lappy is dangerous if your documents and files aren't backed up somewhere, and if you lose it, you are out of luck. Thankfully, external hard drives are pretty inexpensive for the amount of space that you can get . . . you just have to find the right one. I would recommend the Western Digital My Book 160G external hard drive or the eGo by Iomega since they are both small, quiet, and you'll have lots of space for not only your music, but for the rest of your important documents that should be backed up as well.

Additionally, since you mentioned your computer was running slow, have you considered checking your RAM? If your computer's hard drive is a freeway, the RAM is its lanes. The more RAM you have, the more lanes are open to get your data to you quicker. You can get more RAM on the cheap as well. I like shopping at Newegg, since they have fast shipping and great deals.

And finally, getting your music into your new external hard drive is a breeze. Just open your music folder then drag and drop your files into the external, or "Move to" and select your external hard drive.

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