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Generally, I find these types of websites to be a little bit self-deprecating, but there's something about Formspring that seems a little different. Maybe it's the simple interface or the straightforward questioning style. Without registering, you can search the site and pose questions to people — people you know, people in your area, or even completely random people. Create a brief FormSpring profile that tells others your name and location, and give a short bio. Then, pose questions to others, or answer questions others ask you. Even though the site bills itself as an "ask me anything" destination, you only have to answer the questions you want to answer, which, in my opinion, minimizes the potential for snark.

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paigeemma paigeemma 7 years
yeah alot of my friends have them and its basically a bunch of people who arent ballzy enough to ask the questions to the persons face. its kind of sad.
daniit daniit 7 years
I think that Formspring is just a new way of stalkers and pedophiles knowing more about their "victims" because the whole point is to ask questions so is different from any other social network. If the point is to make questions, even if people don't answer personal questions they can't be angry with who asks them because they signed up for that! But that's just my opinion...
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