So I gather that most of you weren't that impressed with yesterday's suggestion of the Everex Cloudbook as a MacBook Air alternative. A lot of you commented that the Cloudbook was shall we say, unattractive. Meet Asus' EEE PC if you haven't already: This mini PC is also teensy and Linux-based, and definitely beats the Cloudbook in appearance (though the Cloudbook is supposed to come out in "female colors" very soon).

The EEE is a wee 7-inches (smaller than the Air and Everex's machine) already on sale. Now for the big differences: The EEE only comes in 2, 4, and 8GB models (where the Cloudbook is 30GB) and the Cloudbook and EEE are comparable in price — sort of: The 2GB is $300, the 4GB is $400, and the 8GB is $500.

Both are rumored to feature a touchscreen very soon, and though the EEE is unquestionably better-looking than the Cloudbook, it's still not better looking than the Air. I guess it really comes down to what your needs and preferences are. . .Will any of you be buying one of these little laptops?