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Atari Founder Opens a uWink in Silicon Valley!

I've talked about uWink before, the restaurant chain started by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, that combines food, drinks, and media, by offering games, table-to-table tournaments, Internet access, gaming, entertainment and movie trailers to guests.

Listen-up geeks, uWink has just opened its doors at a new location in Mountain View, CA. Here you'll find customers ordering American comfort food via touchscreen terminals that double as multiplayer game consoles, 20 projectors that show everything from eye candy to football games, while wood walls attempt to provide a natural counterpoint to all that tech.

What a perfect combination: Geek capital of the US mixed with geeky restaurant, equals — perfect geek date!

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chicobo chicobo 8 years
Just went there today! It was Sunday and a great place to go to watch football. The service was pretty good actually and it was fairly full. The owner (I'm assuming, he seemed to be one of official capacity) even changed a channel for my bf who was disappointed that he couldn't watch a game. That made him very happy. The best thing is the group game with the whole restaurant. By far. Food was okay and kind of expensive. But super fun to order that way [via touch screens]. Definitely not really a romantic venue but fun for sports, drinks and geeking out.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that this could really be a successful venture given the right location and all that. i wish that there was one in NYC for us to try out. i don't know if i would be all that super into it, but i know a LOT of people who would and it could be really fun if you're out with a few people and want some new entertainment at the table.
Nightwink Nightwink 8 years
uWink. Huh. Catchy.
Tech Tech 8 years
Thanks for the heads-up cali_student! Maybe won't be quite the "romantic" meal I was envisioning. ;)
cali_student cali_student 8 years
I heard from friends that the place is pretty bad actually... read the Yelp reviews: Personally I go out to eat to AVOID having technology in my face all day long so I wouldn't want to eat with a laptop screen in front of me. I heard the service was surprisingly bad too, considering they have all your requests and orders in writing through the computer terminal. Maybe it'll get better after they receive feedback. Interesting concept though!
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 8 years
Denver next!! Please.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
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