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Backlash Over Facebook's New Partnerships

Have You Changed Your Facebook Privacy Settings?

After announcing several changes at their F8 developer's conference this week (including that "Like" button you've been seeing everywhere), the inevitable user backlash has begun. In particular, some users are displeased about new partner sites Yelp,, and Pandora that sync up with your friends' activity to "personalize your user experience." According to one article, many users have been changing their FB status to read:

As of today, FB has a new privacy setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Allow." Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites and uncheck "Allow", then repost this to your profile.

This action blocks the third-party sites from accessing your account. I'm surprised Facebook has come out with such a deal, especially given all the drama surrounding Facebook Beacon leading to its eventual death. This time, though, Facebook has been slightly more proactive, offering a detailed explanation (with highlighted changes) of its new privacy rules. Have these recent changes prompted you to change your settings?

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karenpanna karenpanna 7 years
This is precisely why I closed my MySpace account. It's things like this that drive me to do the same with FB.
glynislily glynislily 7 years
Well, if the made it where you had to voluntarily opt in no one would. I'm really getting sick of Facebook trying to give my information away all the time. I totally agree with english muffin on the old facebook before there was a newsfeed.
Elfyn Elfyn 7 years
I agree with the poster above. Facebook should be set to automatically opt out by default. We can then opt in to new 'features' at our own discretion.
thecolor thecolor 7 years
I'm actually quite annoyed that they or anyone automatically opt you in to anything. As far as subscription services, it's very bad practice to opt someone in automatically. It should always be the other way around, let the user opt in on their own when they see fit (automatically be opted out by default)!
prosecco-in-the-park prosecco-in-the-park 7 years
Facebook annoys me. I miss the days when you needed a college e-mail in order to sign up, you had one picture for your profile that couldn't be enlarged, and there was no farmville updates every five seconds.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Facebook--->Galactic Empire
clairestrose clairestrose 7 years
Mine wasn't automatically set to allow.
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