After announcing several changes at their F8 developer's conference this week (including that "Like" button you've been seeing everywhere), the inevitable user backlash has begun. In particular, some users are displeased about new partner sites Yelp,, and Pandora that sync up with your friends' activity to "personalize your user experience." According to one article, many users have been changing their FB status to read:

As of today, FB has a new privacy setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Allow." Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites and uncheck "Allow", then repost this to your profile.

This action blocks the third-party sites from accessing your account. I'm surprised Facebook has come out with such a deal, especially given all the drama surrounding Facebook Beacon leading to its eventual death. This time, though, Facebook has been slightly more proactive, offering a detailed explanation (with highlighted changes) of its new privacy rules. Have these recent changes prompted you to change your settings?