Waking up to the scent of bacon and breakfast wafting through the house is one of those simple weekend morning joys. The fine folks at Oscar Mayer are making this scent your morning alarm clock through smell-o-technology it developed with its own Institute For the Advancement of Bacon (just go with it), and they are offering the chance to win an iPhone attachment from now through April 4 that actually will emit a little spritz of cooking bacon scent as a complement to the wake-up alarm.

So you can't buy the bacon smellerator — yet — but you can download a free iPhone app, Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, which has its own magical qualities. A meaty take on the typical alarm clock app, Oscar Mayer's version wakes you to the sound of sizzling bacon rather than those dreadfully unappetizing beeps and chimes.

The whole campaign for the Institute For the Advancement of Bacon is something you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate. Watch the ad of a fairy-tale-esque journey to the morning of your bacon-y dreams below.

Source: Oscar Mayer