It's safe to say that if you have a cell phone, you've probably snapped a few photos at a concert to post on Facebook or to send as an accompaniment to a tweet. And although the typical "no photos/camera" rule seems pretty archaic in these days of super-powerful and slim digital point-and-shoot cameras, some bands and venues don't allow cameras of any kind during their shows, while others only allow small, digital versions.

For me, if I'm taking pictures or video of an artist at a concert, it's for my own memory and nostalgia. But the fear for bands and venues is that if you have a camera, you might sell your photos for a profit. I know how small cameras can be now, so for a venue to intensively check each person for a camera (not to mention a camera phone) seems pretty impossible, especially when the sleek Sony Powershot is smaller than my BlackBerry. This got me wondering — do you snap pics during concerts, or do you follow the "no camera" rules?