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Basic Cell Phone Suggestions for Dads

Ask a Geek Girl: Wanting a Basic, Dependable Phone For Dad

Need help making a major gadget purchase or got a burning techie question? Join our Ask a Geek Girl Group and spill it! hyzenthlay20 recently asked the crew:

I'm trying to help my dad choose a new cell phone. He's a total gadget-head, but admits that he doesn't need/wouldn't use a smartphone. He'd love a reason to have an iPhone, but all he really does is talk on the phone. He needs a phone with a speakerphone, bluetooth, voice dialing, and great call quality. He doesn't need internet, or data, or email . . . And he's loved his RAZR for the past two years. We're looking at the Motorola MOTO, but it gets mixed reviews, although people on their reviews seem to agree that it is similar to the RAZR. He was saddened when we realized that there are no RAZRs available anymore (except for the pay-as-you-go option). He'd like to go with either AT&T or Verizon. Does anyone have any ideas?

To see my suggestions,


Dear hyzenthlay20, first off, it sounds like your dad is lucky to have a savvy consumer (and geek) for a daughter! I recently told another reader with similar needs to check out Verizon's LG VX8360. It offers the bells and whistles of text, picture, video and voice messaging, but also offers exceptional battery life and has a good reputation. Usage time is up to 316 minutes and standby time is up to 641 hours (I am sure that will impress dad!). You might also check out Verizon's Motorola Adventure V750, a basic push-to-talk phone with Bluetooth, camera and some fancy music options. It's the same shape as your dad's beloved RAZR, and has pretty good reviews. I encourage you to take dad to your local AT&T or Verizon store, scope out the most knowledgeable salesperson and express he wants a replacement for his RAZR. It's an incredibly common quest and they will likely have two or three different models that may suit dad's needs. Of course, if he really wants an iPhone, he should treat himself!
Happy shopping,

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