Holy cow — Friday night was definitely an event to be seen! Starbuck returned with no real questions being answered about how she got to Earth (and back), and the newly revealed Cylons are obviously struggling with their new status. I'm super stoked about this season, but knowing we're counting down to the final episode ever is a real bummer. But thankfully, one of you has something to celebrate, since we picked our winner for the BSG Propaganda Posters!

Congrats to Ultress for telling us what the frack she knew about the first three seasons, and scoring some awesome BSG paraphernalia. I hope you display them proudly. But now tell me, how closely were you paying attention to season four's first episode,"He That Believeth In Me"? Take my recap quiz and find out!


Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz...and Giveaway Winner!

How long did Starbuck think she was away from Galactica on her trip to Earth?