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Battlestar Galactica Episode 4.9 Recap Quiz

Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz — The Hub

Friday's episode of Battlestar Galactica had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire hour! The civil war between the cylons is heating up, and I have a feeling that it's only going to get worse from here. Thankfully, no one from the Galactica crew was hurt during the mission (except for that whiny pilot Pike), but do you think that it was the only cylon Resurrection Hub in existence? Personally, I'm not convinced.

All that's left now is to see how the cylons take the news that Roslin has Deanna all to herself. I have a suspicion that it won't be good. How did you feel about this week's episode? Tell me your thoughts in the comments after you take my recap quiz!


Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz — The Hub

Where was Roslin going in her mind while the base ship was jumping?

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CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I cried when baltar was "confessing" and saying how he was forgiven by finding God, when Roslin realizes she must love baltar, forgive him in order to really live, when adama loses roslin in the dream, when adama and roslin finally acknowledge thier love.....what a great episode Funniest part, Baltar preaching to the centurion.
kristyrk kristyrk 9 years
Helo is getting on my last nerve!! Man up - this is war!!! Anyway, I can't wait to see next weeks episode! In the preview it shows Saul Tigh telling Adama he's a cylon!! GASP!
tintalle tintalle 9 years
Very nice ending with Adama and Roslin. Ah Helo, I have to agree with Roslin on this one, no your not married to the entire line of Eights. Some funny and then serious scenes between Roslin and Baltar. Great episode.
gooniette gooniette 9 years
Much better show than the week before. I can't wait to find out who the final cylon is!!
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