My BSG obsession has hit an all time high now that I've not only re-watched the third season, but have also seen the ten webisodes (did you know about these!?) and checked out the movie Battlestar Galactica: Razor (spoilers if you haven't seen all three seasons!). So it would be fitting that I scoop up one of these BSG Propaganda Posters ($30) just in time for the season four premiere this Friday. Thanks to Petty Officer Calamari for bringing these to my attention, I'll be prepared and my apartment will be fully dressed for the BSG party I'm planning on April 4.

Coming together in a pack of five, these posters – officially approved by Laura Roslin, of course – are made of heavy duty 100 pound satin paper and are a whopping 22-inches by 17-inches wide, for maximum viewage. This is no joke people, this is war. We can use all the soldiers we can get.