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Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz Episode 20 "Daybreak Pt. 2"

Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz: Episode 20 "Daybreak Pt. 2"

Settling in for the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, I was very sad, yet pretty excited to see how producers Ron Moore and David Eick would wrap everything up.

Although the episode wasn't exactly what I had expected, I felt like the story was complete. I'm actually considering re-watching the entire series to pick up on things I may have missed. What can I say — I'm that kind of geek. Was the final episode everything you were hoping for? Take my recap quiz and then share your thoughts about the series finale in the comments!


Battlestar Galactica Recap Quiz: Episode 20 "Daybreak Pt. 2"

Doc Cottle gave Laura the last two injections for her to take on the mission to find Hera. How long did he say those would last?

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