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Belkin PC Protector Cases

Prevent Whoopsies With the Belkin PC Case

You've had a "whoopsie" moment before, right? When you nearly drop your computer as you go from one place to the next with it? Yeah, you've been there. The thing I like most about this Belkin Pocket PC Case that I spotted at MacWorld last year isn't the fact that it's protected from those exact moments by being fully enclosed in a padded microfiber shell, or that you can carry it around by the pocket on top as well as stuff your peripherals inside, or that it comes in either gunmetal gray, bright green, or vibrant orange, and just so happens to fit a 15-inch laptop perfectly.

Nope, my favorite thing about this case is that now, all three colors come in at less than $25 dollars each — a big price dip from last year's price of $50. Additionally, the microfiber shell is heat resistant, so you won't burn your legs while you type away on the couch, and your precious lappy won't overheat. I actually bought one after seeing it at MacWorld, and can attest that these babies are worth the price!

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willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
eh. needs a shoulder strap. can I order a cease and desist right now on calling it a lappy, by the way? (not trying to be mean)
falsify falsify 8 years
i just bought the gunmetal and orange one for 8.95 on amazon to protect my new macbook. i'm excited to get it and even more excited that it was on sale. i don't care all that much for the colors, but it was barely $15 including shipping!
macgirl macgirl 8 years
On a side note, Belkin had an amazing booth at the last MacWorld I went to. I swear they had that case but I didn't go last year, has that model been around that long? $25 is a great price for a sleeve of that nature, actually $50 is a good price for a protective sleeve.
JaeB JaeB 8 years
I love the concept! Might be great. I wonder if I could stuff it in my school bag, though.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
My husband has one and loves it. :) It's not really for traveling with though, IMO. It's a bit awkward to carry.
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