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Bella's Cell Phone in Twilight is the Nokia 7360 in White

Twilight: Vampires! Mortals! Gadgets!

In this weekend's chart-topping, blood-sucking hit Twilight, Edward and Bella share an affinity for each other — as well as technology, to my delight.

First we'll start with Bella, who is outfitted with a white Nokia 7360 (from the appropriately named L'amour collection). Bella, who we'd already seen as an iPod fan in the movie and in real life, also uses a (now) previous generation black MacBook (and weren't those Google searches about vampires in different cultures astoundingly robust? Hmmm . . . ).

To hear about Edward's tech preferences, just


And then there's Edward. I was disappointed that his mind-reading abilities exempt him from being attached to a cell phone, but vindicated when I saw his room: Antique jukebox, speaker sound system and turntable, flat screen TV, and big, over-ear headphones. All the marks of a legitimate, brooding audiophile. I didn't spot a computer in his room, but he's far from a Luddite — I had another reason to swoon over him when he explained to Bella that he'd had an adrenaline rush: "You can Google it."

What did you think about the tech in Twilight (including the creepiest use of a video camera ever)?


headovrheelys headovrheelys 8 years
I love the movie! And i am asking my mom for her phone xD even though i want the Omnia :/ Maybe I will get that after the Omnia :) N e ways. I Thought everything was great. And I loved Edwards house! xD. And I think the update was good as well! :) Very Pleased and Edwards room and the electronics. They were all good for him! But I didn't see the turn table and it was kinda weird since he said you can GOOGLE IT but he didn't have a computer in his room : / Oh well it was all a good 100/100 movie and i love the series! :)
sandia sandia 8 years
Just finished reading the book and watching the movie! Loved both! I think it was a good idea toupdate the technology.
Kaiyo Kaiyo 8 years
Wow! I have to say that i am in love with that nokia 7360! I read some reviews on the phone and a lot of people said that it wasn't that good of a phone and it was basically only good for calling and texting. But i think it's a really cute phone and i would love to have one. Does anybody know where or how to get one or a phone like it? Anyone have any suggestions on phones like it?
Cubgirl Cubgirl 8 years
Yeah I found it online in several places. I just need to know what network will support it. I am currently with Verizon and they assure me that NO phone purchased outside of what they sell can be used. Any ideas? I know it works on frequencies that are used in the US the prob is just finding a carrier that will let me use that phone.
kelbelle24 kelbelle24 8 years
you can find unlocked phones on ebay and stuff that work over here, but you have to make sure your network supports it.
Cubgirl Cubgirl 8 years
Yeah, I just called Nokia and was told it is not available in the us market and may never be. However, there are other blogs with Americans saying they have them and love them. Can it be used in America?
kelbelle24 kelbelle24 8 years
ok so im completely convinced the white nokia 7360 does not exist! where do you get this phone?
ChicBookFiend ChicBookFiend 8 years
Precious_Pets, as a writer I know that a book's publishing date doesn't mean the book was written that year. Sometimes it takes years for a book to get noticed by first a lit agent and then a publisher. For all we know, Twilight was written in the late 90s or very early 2000s. But only the author knows that for sure.
Arnpprior Arnpprior 8 years
Incase anyone was wondering, Edward's sunglasses are Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses 901S ( )
precious_pets4 precious_pets4 8 years
ChicBookFiend: Did you check the copyright date to see when the book was published? That would have been your hint as to when in the history of technology Twilight was written :-) I haven't seen the movie yet -- I don't like mobs, so I wait until a movie has been in the theater for a bit -- but I must share some info here: I MET Robert Pattinson at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, NYC about 10 days before the movie came out! I was one of the lucky Z100 (nyc radio station) winners to get invited to a private party w/ Robert while he put his hands in cement! Oh, so very cool -- and my 14 yr old daughter felt like she had died and gone to heaven! I must say, though, he looked almost as pale as in the movie posters/trailers! He had been wisked around NYC all day for interviews and tapings - so by the time he got to Planet Hollywood (about 6:30 pm) he looked pretty tired! He had on a knit cap, so we couldn't see those gorgeous locks! Amazingly he was very soft spoken & it was rather hard to hear everything he was saying. Definately a night to remember!
scullylam scullylam 8 years
it was interesting updating bella, but it had to be done. even all her classmates had their ipods on them. *lol* edward's room was awesome. <3
KadBunny KadBunny 8 years
Ooh I'm lovin that Nokia phone!
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
First, I really loved the movie. The first time (midnight showing) eh, but the second time I really fell in love with it. Edward's room was perfect. I felt that the gadgets he had were just right for him. Bella - I'm glad they updated, but still was disappointed in her not having the dial-up from the book. ;) And I loved her cell phone.
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