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Dear Geeksugerers,

I am looking for the perfect app. I want one that will sync my iCal To-Dos (from the right side bar) to an app in my phone. I know there are countless to-do apps and list apps, but I cannot seem to find the perfect one. I use my notes app to jot stuff down. I have awesome notes as another to do app, but I would prefer iCal to be my main task manager with a second for my to-dos imported from iCal and that's it.  I liked the idea of automatic syncing with my computer, not going through a third party, etc.

I saw in the comments that todo (the app) supposedly had this feature. But I tried it out and had trouble syncing it and it seems a bit complicated. I didn't try hard before giving up, but I just want a simple list (like Simplist), but one that syncs. And to-do is a whole huge program and calendar that I don't need.

Does anyone know of any out there? I feel I am writing the same to do list in iCal, on my laptop post its, in notes, in my other apps. It's not productive! Thanks!

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