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Best Apps of 2013

Playing Favorites: 10 Apps That Made 2013 Better

A few weeks ago Apple named its favorite apps of the year; now it's our turn! Though it wasn't easy (after all, we see a lot of apps), we were able to narrow it down to what we felt were the best of the best. Among the list, you'll find downloads that elevated our Instagram game to a few that helped us save big bucks. Long story short, 2013 would not have been the same without 'em.

  • The Best App to Get More "Likes": This year, the basic Instagram filter didn't cut it. That said, we turned to VSCO Cam (free) to fine-tune our photos with filters, adjustable preset packs, and a precision slider. The minimal user interface won our hearts — bye-bye, Photoshop!
  • The Best App to Procrastinate With: Even though we killed countless valuable hours playing Candy Crush Saga (free), it's still a 2013 favorite. In fact, we love this app so much, we found ourselves eating Candy Crush candy and baking Candy Crush cookies . . . Oh, boy.
  • The Best App to Master a Sale: This year we ditched the mall for something better — the revamped ShopStyle (free, part of POPSUGAR). Using the app that's similar to the website, we shopped hundreds of sales, discovered new brands, and finally found the perfect LBD.
  • The Best App to Know What's Up: Finally, our time in the coffee line can be productive, thanks to Circa (free). Rather than fussing with a newspaper (who has time for that?), we love how Circa gets to the point and keeps us in the know with push notifications as a story develops.
  • The Best App to Get a Six-Pack: Instead of breaking the bank on a personal trainer, we downloaded to a Downward Dog with the POPSUGAR Active app (free). With the help of POPSUGAR Fitness, we customized our workouts and stayed motivated (even when we didn't feel like it).
  • The Best App to Get Rich: Finances are not straightforward. Thankfully, Level Money (free) saved our wallets and our budget in 2013. In a matter of minutes, this app will magically calculate your statements with customized daily, weekly, and monthly spending limits.
  • The Best App to Make the Most of Your PTO: With the TripIt (free) iOS 7 updates, traveling instantly became easier. Instead of stressing over paperwork on our vacation, this app made it easy to swipe between itinerary items and use the power of Google Maps to access directions.
  • The Best App to Justify a Selfie: Because of Snapchat (free), we no longer have a fear of ghosts. Honestly, it's just plain fun and a great way to send friends instant photos and videos.
  • The Best App to Have a Dance-Off: When we were sick of our own music, we turned to the brand-new iTunes Radio (free). Available free with ads, or $25 a year for ad-free content, it takes the best of what we know from Internet radio (customizable stations, artist discovery) and puts it in a familiar iTunes platform.
  • The Best App to Snap Your Wedding: Although we didn't tie the knot this year, we are still huge fans of the Wedding Party App. Rather than let those awww moments get lost in a news feed, this app gathers wedding photos in one place. Tell a bride about it, and she'll make you a bridesmaid.
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