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Black-and-White Beauties: 9 Instagrammers You Need to Follow Now

Aug 18 2013 - 12:10pm

Cameras have come a long way since the black-and-white heliographs and daguerreotypes of the 1800s. The photo gadgets of today, with advanced resolution, dynamic range, and shutter-speed technology, were absolutely unthinkable in the 19th century. And yet, there's still something beautiful about the gauzy, slightly blurred look of low-tech cameras.

Black-and-white photographers on Instagram are bringing the art form back to its colorless origins with striking images that put the focus on composition, subject, and portraiture. We scoured the photo-sharing social network for the best shutterbugs and found amazing artists from all ends of the spectrum. In the gallery, feast your eyes on black-and-white beauties of urban life, abstractions, and more — then follow these Instagrammers ASAP.

Johnny Lace

Las Vegas-based photographer Johnny Lace shoots mesmerizing, dramatic images of street-style fashion and hip-hop culture.

Source: Instagram user johnnylace [1]

Johnny Lace

Lighters, baseball caps, and shoes are themes in his work.

Source: Instagram user johnnylace [2]

Katia Mi

Moscow-based art director Katia Mi's ivory-tinted images are beautiful — but always a bit mysterious.

Source: Instagram user katia_mi [3]

Katia Mi

Katia often focuses on one single subject against a white background, utilizing negative space to create interest in her photos.

Source: Instagram user katia_mi [4]

Richard Koci Hernandez

The Emmy Award-winning photojournalist and assistant professor of new media at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism takes portraiture to a whole new level with his wide-angle and macro views of human life around the world.

Source: Instagram user koci [5]

Richard Koci Hernandez

In Richard's work, it's clear that the subjects are always passersby and strangers. The excellent timing of this particular shot shows off his incredible skill.

Source: Instagram user koci [6]

Jason M. Peterson

As the chief creative officer at the Havas advertising agency, Jason is no stranger to making memorable, eye-catching images. His Instagram shots, which he says are 100 percent phone-ographed, aren't any different.

Source: Instagram user jasonmpeterson [7]

Jason M. Peterson

The variation in his work is amazing. In one photo, he's capturing passengers on a frame, and in another, he's shooting a wooded forest. But in all photos, the main focus is framed in an unexpected way.

Source: Instagram user jasonmpeterson [8]

Mick Tsikas

The Sydney-based former Reuters photojournalist takes pictures like a storyteller. Each one of his photos makes you curious about that character's backstory.

Source: Instagram user mickpix [9]

Mick Tsikas

This shot of his daughter is reminiscent of the iron-metal-printed tintype of the 1800s.

Source: Instagram user mickpix [10]


The stream of the Tokyo-based photographer is full of dramatic perspective. His photos typically contrast the greatness of architecture with the smallness of man.

Source: Instagram user mr007 [11]


Airplanes are another frequented subject in his work, always seen through some urban perspective like a ceiling window or between two skyscrapers.

Source: Instagram user mr007 [12]

Travis Jensen

The San Francisco-based photographer captures the city's urban dwellers and vivacious personalities.

Source: Instagram user travisjensen [13]

Travis Jensen

Travis also photographs the city landscape beautifully, using repetitive lines at interesting angles to create perspective.

Source: Instagram user travisjensen [14]

Rinzi Ruiz

The street photographer favors the effect of shadow to frame his urban subjects.

Source: Instagram user rinzizen [15]

Rinzi Ruiz

Through Rinzi's lens, you'll see city life like never before.

Source: Instagram user rinzizen [16]

Thomas Kakareko

The Berlin-based street photographer uses an iPhone 5 to shoot his bright, sun-drenched images.

Source: Instagram user thomas_k [17]

Thomas Kakareko

Thomas's shots are always so well lit and well composed.

Source: Instagram user thomas_k [18]

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