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Best Buy Refusing Price Match Guarantee

Have You Ever Been Refused a "Price Match Guarantee"?

Best Buy has been in some hot water with customers lately after news that their employees have been refusing to follow through with the company's price matching policy. Obviously, everyone wants to get the best price possible for an item (especially if it's a pricey LCD TV you've splurged on to prepare for the DTV transition), and most companies have a price matching policy in place to keep customers coming back.

The report — published by — showed that in three separate Best Buy stores, employees refused to honor their price matching guarantee by quoting a bogus rule sent down from management. I know that these are hard times for everyone, but come on, your policy is online for everyone to see! Honestly, this news is making me a little wary of buying pricey items at the big box store from now on. Have you ever been refused a price match guarantee?


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kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i would just leave the store and never return. your word is bond with the customer and not honoring your policy is just wrong.
stardust3900 stardust3900 8 years
The Best Buy in my town is known as one of the worst places to buy anything especially electronics. Their salespeople are terrible and are often overheard telling blatant lies to customers. They never take returns even if it has never been opened, bought the day before, and you have the receipt. They come up with some BS excuse. They always pride themselves on looking out for the customer since they don't work on commission yet there is a huge poster behind the customer service desk tracking sales per employee. I think its about time people are starting to notice that Best Buy just tries to lure people into a false sense of security and just screws everyone over.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
ilanac, same here. I'll wait and wait until I find that perfect price.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i haven't- but that's partially because i don't usually go to that length to get a price match on something. i think that i do a reasonably good job at comparison shopping and go to the place that has the best deal that i don't need to debate a price with the retailer.
mellie_608 mellie_608 8 years
I was happy to get a price match guarantee at Best Buy during Christmas. It was even suggested to me by the salesman. He knew I needed a SD Card for the video camera I was buying and said that he didn't have any on sale right now because they were on sale last week, but he looked it up on the computer for me and a local store had it on sale. He saved me $20 which I thought was really cool and very much appreciated since I had just gotten laid off!
Jewels2080 Jewels2080 8 years
Well, it didn't happen to me personally, but it just happened to my brother... at Best Buy. He was super upset about the whole thing, seeing as how it would have saved him a few hundred dollars.
jess2base14 jess2base14 8 years
They went into a Best Buy store trying to price match a product that was probably a "limited quantity product". Because it was only on sale for 3 days... and after working in retail for 4 years, most 2/3 day sales we come across are for holidays like President's day, and most major ticket items like laptops and TV's are usually limited in their quantity... Best Buy does it too. They try to lure you in with huge sales, but will have a "store minimum of 4". So, chances are, even if the sale wasn't a 3-day sale the chances of the other retailer having the TV in stock (which is also a limitation of the price match policy-- the item must be in stock) are pretty slim. Then, on top of that for HD Guru to suggest "tricking the salesman in to believing you are buying extended warranties and expensive accessories" is just low. With all the "name blaming" I'm curious to know exactly which TV HD Guru tried to price match and the competitor he was trying to price match from. Obviously he didn't want us to know because it wasn't listed. (He had no problem listing other retailers in his blogs). If it were, all of his claims could very easily discredited by simply looking at the other competitor's ad and comparing his claims with the actual facts.
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
I haven't been denied it but my friend did. he wanted to get a new laser mouse that was advertised from circuit city(last year) BUT since the mouse was a different color in the ad they wouldn't sell it to him!
queenlizzie queenlizzie 8 years
If the policy is clear and posted in a public place, I think the company has an obligation to follow through with it, and a quick email to the corporate offices should take care of the problem. The issue that annoys me is when people buy something from a company that does *not* have a price match policy, the price changes later, and then they want a price match. Prices change ALL the time in the retail world, for a multitude of reasons, and it's totally unreasonable to ask a company to price match when they don't have a policy. Quite frankly, I think companies should stop offering price matches altogether. When you give an inch, people want to take a mile. It's not worth it.
cptnruthless cptnruthless 8 years
I've done the price match thing at Sears twice where their price was higher than at best buy, but they did price matching + 10% off. Once for my Sony HDTV, the other time for my Canon digital camera. Plus, they also allow you to price match if it drops within 30 days (which I've also taken advantage of)
HSailorMoon HSailorMoon 8 years
I worked at best buy for 2 years... and as for the 'being denied' for price matching policies... it is frustrating for both sides. But the polices are there for a reason... and I had a lot of times where I had to sadly explain to customers that they were not able to get the price matched here. However most of the time if someone is brings in an price on a camera or tv... I would just look at the person and say 'We cannot match that, since it is not from a chain store, so you would be better off ordering it from Amazon' The thing about Best Buy which I enjoyed is that we were not commissioned, so I would always look out for the customer and tell them what was best for them! Irregardless of how 'big' or small the sale was on my part. However, as companies are having hard times... I noticed that employees are trying harder and harder to get those bigger sales... I remember the management would try to incite the employees with 'prizes' for large sales... I ignored all those 'prizes' and sold as I would do normally.
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