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Best Buy Tech Support For Ereaders

Have You Ever Paid For a Technical Support Service?

Even the most tech savvy among us could use a little bit of help every once in a while, and for that, technical support teams are a lifesaver. Whether you're trying to set up a home network, figure out your wireless printer, or attach a ton of gadgets to your new TV, help with technically tricky situations is always nice to have. But some are saying that Best Buy's Geek Squad has taken it too far, charging $29 to set up an ereader.

I know from experience that setting up a Kindle takes approximately 5 minutes; it even tells you when it needs to be updated by saying something similar to, "Your Kindle needs to be updated." I'm all for Geek Squad and their funny commercials and savvy tech support, but I do think $29 is a bit much. Have you ever used this or a similar service?


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Goblin72 Goblin72 6 years
There are people out there who just don't get it and that's who services like that are aimed towards. Not everyone is tech savvy, but want to be and need help getting there and willing to pay for a little bit of help. BTW- included in that $29, we will teach you how to use it and make sure you are somewhat comfortable using it before you leave.
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
I knew I shouldn't have read the comments here... LOL. Not all Best Buy employees are awful, I promise! Of course, this is coming FROM a Best Buy employee. Basically, I agree with everything Goblin72 said. In BB Mobile we have a few services like this that we charge for, and some that we don't--we do free data transfer between phones.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 6 years
Goblin72 - you are right, I shouldn't judge all Best Buy's based on that one location. So I'll just never shop at that particular one again :)
VeeKeeTee VeeKeeTee 6 years
yes, it annoys
Akasha Akasha 6 years
I find that charging people to set up a product they just purchased a disgusting profiteering new trend. Especially since the majority of the people who need the help setting up these items are going to be the elderly who are purchasing the item to make reading easier for them but weren't raised with a computer attached to their fingertips. Apple recently stopped doing the computer transfer that they advertised for many years. Imagine my surprise when I purchased my new fully loaded Macbook Pro and was told after spending over $4G's that I would have to pay $100 for a data transfer. I guess now that Apple is popular they don't care about the customers anymore. Especially not the people who were their customers through the lean years when you couldn't throw Apple's at people. I try to avoid purchasing anything from Best Buy as their staff is so ill equipped to answer questions that it borders on the insulting if you have even a drop of tech savvy. At one point I actually had to tell a salesperson to stop talking because I knew far more about the item I was looking at purchasing and he was insisting that as a girl I didn't really need an LED TV because it's more for sports and not so much for watching home improvement and cooking shows. If this was an isolated incident I would have blown it off, but the staff is incredibly rude, at least at the five stores I've been to in SoCal. Which leads me to believe that the company line is the customer is never right or welcome.
Goblin72 Goblin72 6 years
I work at Best Buy and sell Nooks everyday. There are people out there who need services like the ones we offer because they are tech challenged. Especially in my store, where most of our clients are older. I agree $30 is a bit steep, when we charge $15 to set up a GPS which takes twice as long. Animatedpunk- They shouldn't have forced you to try to buy a service you obviously didn't need. With over 120k employees there are bound to be retards who treat customers like crap. And not every store is the same either.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 6 years
Ohhhh, man, Best Buy made me so angry when I was buying my Nook. I bought a nook, took it home, set it up following the instructions, and then it froze. Like, within 10 minutes of using it. I took it back to Best Buy - I said, I really want a nook, despite this one being broken, so I'd like to exchange it for another one. I told them that I would like to set it up in store, to make sure it works, before driving all the way back home AGAIN. They told me it would cost 30 bucks to set it up in store for me. I said, "LISTEN, I KNOW HOW TO SET IT UP - I just want to make sure it works before getting all the way home again." But no, $30 bucks. I essentially said F you and returned the broken one. I drove over to Barnes and Noble and bought one there. Not only that, but the guy there set up everything for me and showed me that it worked fine - FOR FREE. I was so angry at the attitude of Best Buy's employee in this situation - I never want to purchase anything from them again if this is how they treat their customers.
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