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Best Geeky Pickup Lines

Geek Community: Best Geeky Pickup Lines

This post was shared by Geekontherun in our Geeky Things I Love group.

The other morning a cute IT guy from my office got in the elevator with me and I broke the ice with "So, how are the servers doing?" Servers are a running joke at our company because they are constantly causing drama and being worked on, but he still shot me a look of shock and awe. When we got off the elevator I started thinking about how many hilarious geeky pick up lines there are. Nerdy as they may be, they get me every time (and clearly, I have no problem using them!). What's your favorite geeky line?

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Spiral124 Spiral124 6 years
Ugh... the shirt read < # include love.h > which didn't come through in my original post... oops!
Spiral124 Spiral124 6 years
One year on Valentine's Day I was out at a bar wearing a t-shirt that read <#include love.h> (thought it was fitting for the occasion). I was at the bar waiting to get a drink when I noticed a guy reading my shirt. He came up to me and said, "You like coding? Cuz I've been known to write some PHP in my time, baby!" in a sexy voice... I could not stop laughing about that the rest of the night!
TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 6 years
Are you Mac Or PC? its kinda a deal breaker for me... not that it matters, my boyfriend and I worked at an Apple store and are apple fanatics.... soooooo
Angelica Angelica 6 years
ahaah, roaringsilence you made me LOL.That's great.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
From Fanboys: "Are you looking for love in Alderaan places?" xD
Torbach Torbach 6 years
I found some bag of chips with the phrase "Naturally delicious" on it, cut it out and carried it to Disneyland one night. As the park was closing I was behind a really pretty girl, bumped into her saying "oh excuse me, I think you dropped your name tag." and handed her the clipping. She just bent over laughing at it.
joliz joliz 6 years
Oh man my favorite geeky pickup line moment came from a guy I dated earlier this year. We were in the same digital media class in the fall and the topic was typography and it's importance. I am a total font nerd so I was quite vocal in the convo and declared that I once realized it would never work with an ex of mine because he used comic sans font in IM's (which wasn't the only reason it wouldn't work, but made for a funny quip). Anyway as the class ended the guy I thought was cute in class approached me and asked me about my interest in fonts and was talking about this film he was working on and how maybe i should help him out with the title cards which was great. I gave him my email and he said thanks and dropped the most amazing geeky pickup line ever (to me anyway) "And by the way? I promise I only use helvetica" He then smiled and walked away. A man after my own heart.
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