If you hope to be more organized this year I suggest you spend some time selecting an online calendar that can easily sync with your gadgetry and life.

  • Though relatively unknown Famundo has received a lot of attention lately for being a great option for families. They call themselves a "family hub" and hope to replace your wall calendar, address book, filing cabinet, fridge magnets and yellow sticky notes. Famundo offers Outlook synchronization, a list maker and even a family library for storing your documents, photos, bookmarks and other personal information.
  • You all know I am a die hard fan of the free shareable Google calendar, which makes it easy to keep track of birthdays, schedules, dates and appointments. I couldn't live without its invitations feature, which allows you to send invites to friends and family.
  • Real Simple recently sang the praises of Which Time so I checked it out and am pretty impressed with its set up. It seems like a simpler version of Google Cal or Famundo and takes style points from iCal. The calendars can be downloaded or accessed from the web.