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Best Rechargeable Batteries For Your Buck

Ask a Geek Girl: Which Battery Should I Buy?

A common problem with consumer cameras that use alkaline batteries is that they drain really quickly. Geek reader valova82 is tired of spending her hard-earned dollars on batteries, and wants some help picking a brand that will stand the test of time:

I have a Polaroid i533 digital camera. It eats my battery power (uses two AA batteries), and I'm so tired of constantly purchasing batteries. Do you have any suggestions on what brand of batteries I should try?

Oh do I! To find out what I recommend, just


I am not a fan of use-'em-and-toss-'em alkaline batteries, and neither is Mother Earth! You should invest a small amount of cash and get yourself a set of rechargeable batteries! Since not all rechargeables are created equal, it takes a bit of investigating to find out which ones are best, and I like to rely on customer product reviews. Although you might end up charging your batteries more often with rechargeables, you're going to save a ton of money on batteries, and prevent pollution.

First, you'll want to look for batteries labeled Ni-MH, since you can't charge just any battery. I would try the Sony Quick Battery Charger ($22.00) that charges up to four batteries in about four hours, which is comparable to most battery chargers on the market. Bonuses include power adapter for travel out of the country, four included batteries, and it can charge each battery individually, which is not the case for most chargers.

If you're looking for something a little more speedy, I would recommend the Duracell CEF90NC 30 Minute Charger ($20), which also comes with a set of its own batteries. This one is great if you forget to charge your batteries overnight, since the reviews are indicating that it really does charge in 30 short minutes! Plus, the Duracell comes with an auto-shutoff feature when the cells are fully charged, and your batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times. Very cost effective, no?

Do you have a recommendation for valova82? Leave it in the comments below!


simplysteen simplysteen 9 years
rechargeable batteries are super useful. my siblings go through tons and tons of batteries on their wii. please note: with regular batteries and rechargeable ones, make sure to recycle them when your done.
kev23777 kev23777 9 years's :-)
kev23777 kev23777 9 years
Yes, eneloop and similar batteries (i.e. Ready To Use rechargeable batteries) are good. They don't have the problem of self-discharging like normal NiMH batteries. So if you charge your batteries today, and then don't use them for a year the majority of the charge will still be in the battery. A "RTU" 2300mAh NiMH battery won't last any longer than a "Normal" 2300mAh NiMH battery in a camera however. "RTU" NiMH batteries can be had for cheaper from here: I realize that I've posted 3 links to this companies website. However I am not affiliated with , nor do I receive any sort of compensation from them. I am just a big fan of cheap batteries that don't suck. My experience with generic batteries from were pretty terrible. No such problems with these however.
tcheng21 tcheng21 9 years
sanyo eneloops. Slightly more expensive than average rechargeable, but they hold they charge much longer.
kev23777 kev23777 9 years
The mAh rating of the battery has nothing to do with how many times you can charge the battery. It has to do with how long you can go without charging the battery. A 1300mAh battery has half the charge of a 2600mAh battery. If you want to spend less time changing the batteries in your camera, get the largest mAh you can find. The fast chargers do damage to the batteries over time...mainly due to the amount of heat that is generated I believe...but they can be convenient and are still cheaper than buying Alkaline batteries when you don't have the time to wait 5-8 hours.
momesso momesso 9 years
looseseal brings up a good point. The faster the charge - the less charges you will get. So the "1000 charges" does not apply to a high mAh or fast charger. The best batteries for your digital camera really depend on how you use your camera. If you want to get a lot of pictures for each charge - go with a higher mAh. If you want to charge your batteries 1000s of times, go for a lower mAh battery. Once you have that figured out, you have to play the same game with the charger you buy. The faster you charge your batteries the faster they will wear out. So your 15 minute charger will wear out your batteries quicker than an overnight charger. But if you need your batteries fast - that is the best option for you.
Elfyn Elfyn 9 years
@kev23777, Ooopsie, I forgot the winky/rollyeyes in my post. Sorry about that. I meant this as more of a joke. I realize they are only 1300mAh and they only take 5 hours to charge via USB and they are ridiculously expensive!
kev23777 kev23777 9 years
I'm sure they work fine, but there is no way I would ever pay $17.99 for 2 AA batteries. You can get at least 10 AA batteries here for that price... The batteries from all-battery are 2600mAh compared to the 1300mAh of the USB Cells.
Elfyn Elfyn 9 years
How about USB rechargeable batteries?
christie christie 9 years
We use the Rayovac rechargeable and they are awesome, it takes weeks sometimes for them to die. I always keep a spare set as well.
looseseal looseseal 9 years
I used 15 minute charge type of batteries before, and I don't recommend them, they lose life really quickly after not very many charges. I used a set of those over one summer, it couldn't have been more than 100 charges, and after that, it barely kept a charge anymore. The kind I used was Rayovac. If you can plan ahead to keep yourself supplied with charged batteries, something that takes longer to charge but hold the charge for longer might be better. The brands I see most often over here are eneloop and uniross. I've been pretty happy with eneloop so far. I also keep some alkaline around as backup, but I use the rechargeables unless the rechargeables aren't working for some reason (sometimes, unlike alkalines, if you just leave rechargables alone for too long without charging them again, they'll lose their charge over time. I learned this the hard way). So I have the batteries, but I only have a crappy charger at the moment, I'm still looking for a charger that'd charge each battery individually and give me a reading of how much power is in each battery. I heard powerex is good. I just have to find one and buy it to see for myself.
kev23777 kev23777 9 years
I get all of my rechargeable batteries from They are really high quality I haven't had any problems with them. I've had both Duracell and Energizer rechargeable batteries, and these are just as good and are much cheaper. They have normal NiMH, Fast Charging NiMH, and Ready to Use NiMH.
brdwaystarlett brdwaystarlett 9 years This is probably the most under-rated power source ever. A battery that is actually charged directly in your USB port.
cptnruthless cptnruthless 9 years
Try Lithium Batteries. They're more expensive up front, but last MUCH longer.
Jmartens Jmartens 9 years
Look for a higher mAh number....the Sony's linked above are good, 2500mAh. I bought generic brand with a 2300mAh and they have been amazing. Spent $9.99 for 4 AA and 2 AAA, plus the charger. Best money every spent and the batteries last FOREVER!
sushibananas sushibananas 9 years
I have a Canon S3iS which takes four AA batteries. I also use re-chargeable batteries. I have 3 sets of batteries, therefore I'm always ready when the set in my camera goes out. I find the re-chargeables seem to have a longer life in the camera. I have one set each of duracell, panasonic and energizer...doesn't seem to matter much. Good luck with your search!
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