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Best Software to Make Photo Slideshows and Movies to Play at Your Wedding Reception

How-To: Create Slideshows and Movies For Your Reception

If you haven't noticed, it's wedding season here on the Sugar Network and I've been busy telling you how to keep up with your own wedding website, pick out the perfect photographer, and manage all those photos — yours and your guests — after the big day. This week, we're moving into the wedding planning stages, and today I'm talking about slideshows. But this isn't the after-the-event, it-was-such-a-beautiful-day slideshow, this is the slideshow you play during your reception, usually packed with photos of you and your betrothed throughout your relationship together.

Although I've already given you some tips on what you should consider when putting together your slideshows, you may not know where to begin once you have all your photos chosen. If you don't have a Mac (I know I've talked your ear off about the simple joy of iPhoto), you can still make professional-looking slideshows and videos with your PC. Who woulda thought, right?

Find out what software you should consider, and what to do with those stacks of (nondigital) photos when you


If not all of your photos are digital, it's OK — you can scan your photos, get them onto a CD and ready for uploading just by toting them down to your local Walgreens (or similar drug store that offers photo developing). And you're on your way to getting all your treasured pics into a slideshow.

Once you have all your photos uploaded to your computer, all you have to do is choose your software to start putting it all together. With any of these programs, you can arrange your pics, choose your (optional) background music that will play during your slideshow, and will even let you add in video clips if you want to switch things up. My first love is iPhoto, mostly for its ease of use and ability to export to not only a DVD but to your website, mobile phone, and iTunes to enjoy later.

But for you PC users out there, software like DVD Picture Show, My Memories Suite, and MediaShow 4 will get you the same great results, accommodates photos and video clips, and will export online or to a CD/DVD.

Do you have a photo program you'd like to recommend? Let us know about it in the comments below!


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aistea311 aistea311 8 years
I have made slideshow DVDs for the BF and they are so nice and a lot of fun ! I think I am going to make one for my dad for father's day. He loves techy gifts.
kia kia 8 years
I like iMovie for making slideshows. I most recently did a Flat Stanley slideshow for my nephew's class where my hubby and I narrated Stanley's visit. I also did a timeline montage for a friend's Bat Mitzvah... I love the sound editing if I don't want to do a full song.
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