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Fresh Tech: Podcasts That Offer a New Take on Technology

Tech lingo is dense sometimes. All that talk about patent law and Android phones can seem more like R2-D2 beeps than sensible talk. But tech news isn't just for technicians anymore. For a fresh perspective on technology with language accessible to all levels, give these five offbeat podcasts a listen.

  • New Tech City — Public radio station WNYC started airing New Tech City earlier this month, and after just three episodes, we can already say it's our new favorite podcast. The show is dedicated to the city of New York and the technologies being developed there. The latest episode (air date Sept. 24) features the Big Apple's first chief digital officer, Rachel Haot, a 29-year-old former tech entrepreneur who happens to be one very influential female.
  • Hypercritical — Because "nothing is so perfect that it can't be complained about," this podcast is exactly what its name is — hypercritical, of Apple and Apple's products, hosted by two longtime Mac users. John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin discuss in detail everything that the company gets wrong in the hopes that one day they'll get it right.
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  • This Developer's Life — Fans of This American Life will enjoy This Developer's Life, an anecdote-driven podcast that aims to humanize tech topics. The most recent offering, "2.0.9 Drama," discusses the theatrics of the simple semicolon. It's a humorous, insightful look into the mind of a software developer.
  • Blind Access Journal — Ever wondered what it's like to use technology and transportation as someone who's blind? Blind Access Journal's two sight-impaired hosts take listeners through their life experiences and the technology that helps them achieve their quest for the greatest possible access to all the information in the world. In the July 24 episode, the hosts talk about Fleksy, a new app that improves the speed and accuracy of typing for the blind on iOS devices.
  • The Impromptu — If six friends went to a bar and chatted at length about the iPhone 5, their conversation would sound like this podcast. Two programmers, two tech writers, and a law student get together to engage in a refreshingly unstructured and informal discussion about current events in technology, while simultaneously providing context and big-picture ideas. The Impromptu's blog goes one step further — providing links to news items discussed in the podcast and additional readings for overachievers.
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