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8 Ways to Completely Digitize Your Wedding Planning

Feb 23 2017 - 12:45pm

Put down that jumbo binder and back away — it'll take you eons to find the information you need, plus you're one mishap away from losing all of your vital inspiration and information. Take a look at your phone: this little guy will help you plan your wedding [1] like a pro. It's time to streamline your prenuptials strategy by going digital!

From sites that ensure you're staying on top of the budget to apps that delegate shopping tasks (and make sure you're getting exactly what you want), we've got everything you and yours needs to organize every aspect of the big day. This gallery is the ultimate guide to digitizing your wedding plans. Download these apps, and you'll be one step closer to marital bliss. Onward!

— Additional reporting by Ann-Marie Alcántara

Collaborative Planning

Step one is creating a digital home for all the essential info. Shared folders in Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud-based storage service will work fine, but we like Evernote [2] (free), since it's made to organize many different kinds of media and present it in one streamlined package.

The comprehensive note-taking app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, and web gets your partner involved in the planning process with collaborative notebooks that let you and yours save inspirational photos, important documents, and notes to the same place. With shared notebooks, you both have access to contracts with vendors, travel itineraries, guest lists, and mockups for invitations. Evernote syncs across all devices, which is helpful when meeting with photographers or venue managers.

Premium Evernote [3] ($70/year) is required to attach PDFs and add notes to it, receive 10 GB in storage, and plenty more.

Shopping Delegation

Awesome Note [4] ($4) is a fantastic way to organize all the little things you need to purchase for the many events you'll be planning.

Like Evernote, Awesome Note is a planner for everything, but its shopping lists are our favorite. All sorts of information can be added to items on the shopping list. Tags are a good way to sort items by the event they'll be used for (e.g. rehearsal dinner, reception, etc.), who will be using them (e.g. mother of bride, groomsmen), and/or where they can be purchased so you don't have to make multiple trips. These tags, of course, are easily searchable.

Attach a photo, location, or drawing of the item, which is best if you're delegating the task to someone else (make sure they know what you're asking for!). The items can be shared via email or printed out.

Group Communication

Everyone involved in the whole shebang is just one tap away with Messenger [5] (free), a messaging app from Facebook. Create groups for your bridal party, all the vendors you've hired, out-of-town family, and more, and send a group message or call right from the app. You can also send photos and videos of wedding [6] inspiration you see anywhere.

On-the-Fly Inspiration

You never know when inspiration will strike. It might be a succulent on a coworker's desk or a pattern on a tablecloth at your favorite café. Pinterest [7]'s mobile app is the best way to capture those items, whatever they may be. Create a secret, private board of your on-the-fly wedding [8] inspiration or snap images and easily upload it straight to Pinterest.


Drawing things out is helpful when you're trying to bring an abstract idea to life. If you want a "whirly thing" on your invitation, then use Moleskine Journal [9] (free) to illustrate what you're thinking of, and show it to your wedding [10] planner or paper goods designer. The app takes on the classic Moleskine style and provides you with a complete artist tool set. Choose from different Moleskine styles like plain, ruled, grid, or storyboard.

Just like the real thing, you can save images and other media to the "expandable back pocket." The Moleskine app syncs with Evernote and Dropbox, too!

Wedding Budget

Those little purchases add up! Stay on top of all the expenses for the big day with WeddingHappy [11] (free). The app lets you track your payments for each aspect of the wedding [12] with a lot of detail. You can also email certain tasks to anyone who's part of the planning process.


Wedding [13] gifts are the best! Get what you need with Zola Wedding Registry [14] (free), which lets you swipe on certain gifts you want added to your list. See a gift in the wild? Scan it with your iPhone or iPad.

Wedding Planning Service

Did you read the description of every app above and sigh in frustration? Try Loverly [15] ($49-299), an app with two tiered packages [16] suited to help your wedding [17] needs. The A La Carte option ($49) lets you budget and set up your registry, while the Signature Package ($299, originally $399) gets you vendor recommendations and lots more.

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