Isn't iOS 7 a pretty new addition to your mobile Apple life? The new operating system's colorful, flat designs call for some major upheaval with apps to match the aesthetic. While many apps gave themselves a cosmetic refresh, several of our can't-live-without apps used the OS change as an opportunity to update features that will only make us that more reliant on them. Below, the apps you'll love in iOS 7.

  • Skype — The go-to chat app now has the clean look of iOS 7, along with accessibility improvements to make getting in touch that much easier.
  • TripIt — The changes to the travel management makes it easy to swipe between itinerary items and use the power of Google Maps to access directions.
  • Duolingo — The free language learning of Duolingo received a completely new look and experience in its iOS 7 makeover. Compete with friends to master the art of the Romance languages offered in the app.
  • Circa — Catch up on news stories as more bite-sized nuggets of information with Circa. Choose to follow breaking news, and receive push notifications as the situation develops and is updated by Circa's editors.
  • Instagram — The square-shaped photo sharing network swapped its blue and gray chrome for a lighter, brighter interface. The profile, activity, and explore hubs are now surrounded by white framework. Photos and video are larger and high resolution in the stream, and profile photos are circular. A key difference is that Instagram for iOS 7 requires swiping to the left, rather than to the right, to delete or reply to a comment.
  • Kindle — As you would organize a physical bookshelf, the Kindle app now lets you place books or any other type of document in Collections within categories of your choosing, like "Books I Read" or "Books For Mom."
  • Pandora — Improve the monotony of a station with updates that let you easily add new artists to the mix, as well as see a history of exactly which songs have appeared in your listening stream.
  • Evernote — The home screen of the sanity-keeping productivity app now lists the most recent entries front and center. Plus, while making an audio recording, there's now room in the app to jot down relevant notes as well.

  • Aviary — It's a brand-new photo-editing look in Aviary's iOS 7 refresh. But you know what's cooler than the usual filters in the app? More filters, plus frames and stickers that can be purchased in the new supply shop.
  • Vimeo — The video app you know and love not only has a brand-new look, but also lets you share videos with iOS 7's AirDrop feature and watch content even when offline.
  • Yahoo — A new app from this tech heavyweight may just have you seeing it in a new light. Breaking news, recipes, and videos live side by side in an improved menu that is not the Yahoo you've seen before. And that's a good thing.

Which apps do you love in iOS 7?