If you are picking up an iPad for yourself tomorrow, the first thing you're going to want to do is load it up with some apps. Of course you'll want the free Netflix and ABC Player apps right off the bat, but free won't always be the case, especially with games. Something that comes along with the joy of a bigger, crisper, clearer screen is a bigger price tag. That said, check out the five games you'll want to download to your iPad right away below!

  • Plants vs. Zombies ($10): The game you know and love on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and computer is ready for its debut on your iPad! Use your plants to fight off zombies in this defense game.
  • Words With Friends ($5): If you're already addicted to Words With Friends on your iPhone, then you're definitely going to love seeing it on the big screen of your iPad. A Scrabble-type game that you can play online with your pals, or alone any time and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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  • Sudoku ($3): It's easy to get lost for hours in a game (or two) of Sudoku, and now you can do it, while saving a few trees with this virtual version of the brain-training game.
  • Geometry Wars ($10): One of the more fun arcade-style shooters out there, Geometry Wars will look fantastic on the big screen of the iPad, and the touch controls will make it more intuitive and easier to play.
  • Top Gun ($5): As Maverick, this shooter has you blasting your way through the clouds and taking down enemies in a fighter jet. I just hope it plays "Highway to the Danger Zone" while I'm racking up the points!