I haven't been hit too hard by the rising gas prices here in the US, but If I was a driver, I would definitely be considering buying a bike right about now. This has to be good for the bike industry, as more people are turning to gas-friendly modes of transportation to save a few bucks. This point was proven over the weekend at the Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas. Over 23,000 people attended the show, which promoters say is the biggest turnout ever.

One of the bikes featured at the show was the Tailwind eBike – an electric-powered model that goes 25 miles on a charge – which I wouldn't mind owning, except for the price. Sure $3,200 bucks for an electric-powered bike is a lot of cash, but for my money, there would need to be a few adjustments made first.

My preferred list of amenities to add on the eBike would include GPS, a self-powered iPod or phone charger, and maybe even a headlight so I can see and be seen at night. I know these ideas may seem silly, but all my friends who drive charge their phones and iPods in their cars, and use GPS regularly. If a bike was their main mode of transport, I'm sure they would miss these capabilities. Would you buy a bike as your mode of transportation if they were a bit more wired?