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Bill Gates Talks About Twitter and Blogging, Loves Diet Coke

Bill Gates Chats About Online Presence, Loves Diet Coke

Despite the fact that Bill Gates can't use Facebook, he was able to join Twitter last week, and start his own blog to highlight the work he's been doing with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since stepping down as CEO of Microsoft. As you can imagine, his Twitter account blew up faster than a suggested user list, and is now followed by over 300,000 people. Between his busy tweeting and blogging schedule, Bill sat down for an interview with CNET to talk about his new online presence, saying that tweeting will "keep me up to date."

I have a hard time believing that a guy who has such a great influence on our culture wouldn't somehow be kept in the loop on the newest forms of tech and social media, but one thing I learned (and can totally relate to), is this guy loves his Diet Coke. So much so, that he just had to crack one open in the middle of the segment. So long, Mountain Dew! DC is now the drink of choice for geeks everywhere.

To see Bill Gates talking about Twitter, his blog, and enjoying his Diet Coke, just


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twilshine twilshine 7 years
Bill is someone people usually either go positive or negative on. Regardless of how someone feels about him, the Gates foundation is doing some very significant things around the world for good. So far as charity is concerned, one thing most people don't realize is that the "donate" model is not the only one out there. There are, in fact, a few organizations that make it more of a win-win, and one I know of even makes a way to create a living from home by helping children who face hardship and hunger.
michlny michlny 7 years
Anyone else hear that he cheated on his wife at Sundance???
gigiwin gigiwin 7 years
I definitely want to hear his tweets :D
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