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Billiards Table with Built-in TV/DVD

Jun 14 2007 - 7:00am

I have lusted after many a gadget or gizmo. The iPhone [0], Sony's Bravia TV [0], the techie umbrella [0] - these are all plastic electronic things that have stolen my heart and captured true human emotion. I have also been repulsed by many a gadget or gizmo. The USB caplet [0], the MP3 Player that gives facials [0] and the skirt covered mouse pad [0] all make me wonder if half the industrial designers in the world are color blind creatures who have never met a smart, feeling woman.

For a split second I considered showcasing the Executive Billiards Table as a "Totally Geeky or Geek Chic?" [0] item, then realized it wasn't a fair fight. While touted as a luxury device, the table is so horrifically geeky that I can barely look at it.

The table has a LCD TV, stereo with flat paneled speakers, games/DVD player, library rack, night lights, ball storage rack and a mirror backed bar. It costs $12,000. I say, buy a normal billiards table and a sweet flat-screen set. Forget all these awful devices that combine 10 bajillion gadgets into one.

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