Little did I know, but the charging USB port on BlackBerrys has been known to malfunction because the gold pins pop out of the USB track. Unfortunately, PetSugar had this happen to her and resorted to two batteries which she charged at work, so she could have a juiced up Pearl during evenings and weekends. PetSugar didn't want to shell out for a new handset or pay hefty fees to have it repaired, so we put our heads together to come up with a solution. Yes, BlackBerry makes its very own charging dock called the Charging Pod.

With the BlackBerry Pearl Charging Pod ($9 - see below for images) and the Charging Pod for various Curve handhelds ($8), you can juice up your BlackBerry by connecting the charging cord to the dock and conveniently see the screen of your BlackBerry as it stands up in the Pod.

And for only $12.69, BlackBerry has this sweet deal where you get three silicone cases in the colors shown and a charging dock for only $12.69. Even though my charger works just fine, I kind of like the idea of sitting my BlackBerry in a dock at the end of the day!