When I was in college, all I wanted was a flip phone. I didn't get a cell phone until my senior year, and being a student who could barely afford my voice plan, I took the free-with-service Nokia phone. It was a great little phone, but I just drooled over the fancy flip phones that some of my friends had. I have no idea why I thought they were so cool, but I was like Romy in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion: "Ooh! A flip phone!"

Now it seems mobile phone design has moved away from the flip and back to a full body design that can accommodate a touchscreen or a keyboard (like the iPhone or the BlackBerry Curve), so I'm wondering if people are still into the flip body style enough (like Sarah Jessica Parker) to muster excitement for the new BlackBerry Pearl 8220 and the LG Lotus, both of which flip. I'm kind of over them - I've got an iPhone and a Curve - but think that these flip designs are more innovative than previous ones, and could bring in the second wave of cool flip phones. Tell me where you stand!