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The BlackBerry Storm Up Close and Fully-Functional

Wondering what all the hype surrounding the BlackBerry Storm is about? Well, the touchscreen smartphone, which will be making its debut this Friday, is already getting rave reviews; some are even saying it's better than the iPhone. Some reasons include its video recording, its copy and paste feature (amen!), and removable battery. Why else? You can see for yourself in this short video review.

misogi misogi 8 years
The video isn't available anymore! :(
foreverbeth foreverbeth 8 years
i'm so excited to get this phone when it comes out! it's $250 with $50 rebate, ONLY when you get a 2 year plan. the retail price i hear is way up there around $500 or so!
hokiepokie hokiepokie 8 years
$250? Really? That's it? And any idea why they're providing a $50 rebate? It's not like they need it to get people to buy the phone.
simply-me simply-me 8 years
It's suppose to cost $250 plus a mail in rebate of $50, so total price of $200. Not sure how much it would be in the UK.
ksindustryexec ksindustryexec 8 years
Any idea how much the storm will run in retail? obviously not including plan rates / company rates... Just an average idea of how much...???
curiousnun curiousnun 8 years
the video doesn't work sadly... im just sad its come out on vodafone in the uk, they are a terrible service but i'm an idiot and will probably be getting it anyway!
simply-me simply-me 8 years
The video is not available :( I will hopefully be getting the Storm on Friday. I normally don't run out for gadgets when they first come out, but anything will be a vast improvement from my current phone...
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