Loyalists to geeksugar's Gossip Girl tech quiz would know that this season, the casts' season one cell phones have been replaced with flashier, more up-to-date cell phones. Mizz Blair Waldorf here, you'll note, had an oft-matching orange LG eNV last season, but is now sporting the new version of the same phone: the LG eNV2.

What's fun about the choice is that the older and newer version both came in black, and then a couple random color options. Both times, Blair has had the fun color; first orange, and now maroon. It's an interesting fashion choice because though black is always chic, color is bold and daring (not unlike how Blair's prim siren dresses).

Want to follow in my favorite mean girl's tech footsteps? The eNV2 is available from Verizon for $100 and includes a full QWERTY keyboard, a music player, Bluetooth support, and a 2.0-megapixel camera. And yes, it does come in black for those not as bold as Blair.

Photo courtesy of The CW