Macworld 2010: Professional Sounds For Your DIY Recordings

I'm an admitted fan of Blue Microphones, not only for their power, but also for their beauty — a few of these stacked on your mantel could totally double as art. While cruising the Macworld show floor, I got an up close look at a few of their new desktop mic models which would be perfect for recording on the go, or creating your podcasts and video blogs. The Snowflake (pictured here) ($45) is a high quality mic to capture your recordings, but there's also a 2MP web cam-enabled version called the Eyeball ($65). Both of these are easy as pie to set up — just plug them right into your Mac or PC's USB port, follow a few prompts, and you're set to go.

The Mikey ($100) is a sweet little microphone to capture sounds right on your iPhone. Record concerts, lectures, and studio jam sessions on the go with its three recording levels — from loud to quiet — and transfer the audio right to your computer with a USB adapter. Plus, there's a free app that partners up with your Mikey to get the most out of your recordings. Check out a few more photos of the beautiful Blue Mics in the gallery below.

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